Best tube amp with B&W 805D?

Looking for some insight and recommendations on tube amp to match with the B&W 805D. Will likely keep my ARC LS17 as preamp for now. I am looking into McIntosh MC275 or Primaluna Dialogue Seven monoblocks. Though would prefer to stay under $4k if possible. Currently running a Bryston 4B SST2, and it is an awesome amp with my previous Maggie 1.7's but is a little too forward and seems to be overkill with the 88db 805d's. My desire is to add depth to the soundstage and move the imaging back just a bit. Any experience or insight would will be much appreciated.
A friend uses an ARC VS115 with an ARC REF3 driving the 805D's with stunning results. Fast, dynamic and detailed is the way I would describe it, with good low level dynamic articulation. Sound stage is a bit questionable but it's likely due to her untreated asymmetrical room.
I did not try the MC-275 MK V specifically with B&W speakers, but I was very impressed with it's sonics and build quality during my time with it. Really an excellent gutsy amp for the money, although I did not care for the layout of the amp with cables coming out of both sides.
Thank you for the feedback. I just ordered a new ARC Reference 110 with the updated KT120's to replace my Bryston 4B SST2. 130 watts of reference tube power should be plenty to drive the 805D's. Very anxious for it to arrive...
how are you liking ARC Reference 110 with 805d?
do you like tube better than ss on 805d?
Hi Goohsm,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I have been away from this site for a while.
I truly love the ARC Ref 110 with the B&W 805D's. I couldn't be happier with the lack of edginess and pure transparency they provide. The Bryston 4BSST2 is an awesome solid state amp, and can sound wonderful, though in my opinion, it sounds a bit too clean and sterile when paired with the 805Ds.
Hello. I bought Mc275 V month ago to use with my B&W 805D. One minute after turn the system on for the first time (with C-220 pre amp) it was love at first sight! Just incredible sound! After that i tried two mcintosh powers, mc 302 and mc452. This second its way better than mc302 but when i return to mc275 it became very clear. The mc275 tube sounds much better with my system... Although is the less powerful, the sound os voices, are stunning! All orchestra sounds way better.. (Shunyata phyton alpha power cord, van den hul inspiration speakers cable)