Best tube amp under 3000$?

I want to listen to a tube amp with my Hyperion 938 speakers.
what would be a good tube amp for audition under 3000$?
Primaluna Dialogue two? Dared V-845? Octave? Or anything else?
What is recommended?
Consider the following used components on the GoN:

Conrad Johnson Premier 12
Conrad Johnson LP66S
McIntosh MC275
Quicksilver Monos Silver 90s
Audio Research VS110
Weren't the Hyperions designed to work with 300B SET amp power levels?

Coincident MP 300B

Canary audio CA-308 (use the extra $500 to buy 300B tubes)

Need more power? Canary CA 301 mk 2 ($2k)

Manley Lab Neo-Classic SE/PP 300b mono's
Manley Snappers or Mcintosh MC275. Both are very good and come in under your budget used.
anything by cayin or vas
I second the Canary recommendation.
Tremendous value if bought used on the 'gon.
Built like a tank.
BAT VK 55 or 55SE
I used to lust after Conrad Johnson Premier 12's. I still would, but big tube amps aren't practical for me now.

You could also consider big VTL mono's. Or Whatever Cary's fit your needs. But I don't think you can go wrong with C-J gear. Or, Cary.....
The 6Moons review states that these speakers were designed with low-power 300B SET amps in mind.(not that more power is ever a bad thing...)

But, if more is needed, then quality low to moderate power PP tube amps(15-50wpc) should probably be more than enough according to Srajan's review:
Now add marketing manager's Albert Wu's assurance that the HPS-938 was designed to work well with 300B SETs.

The basic specs themselves do not guarantee micro-power tube friendliness - 6-ohm nominal impedance, 3.8-ohm minimal, 90dB sensitivity. However, absence of steep phase angles, a narrow impedance window and a non-reactive crossover are the secret contributors that really settle such matters which I shall investigate at length in the upcoming review. Crossover points are given as 230Hz and 3kHz and frequency response as 35Hz - 22kHz...

How would my 8wpc wimpy-max amplifier handle this load?...

The MiniMax amp/Hyperion pairing was completely mindblowing. Its apparently silly 8 watts of yank/shove paper power gave the 250-watt Butler Audio amp quite the comeuppance. Sitting 14 feet from the speaker, even higher-than-normal levels never exceeded what the amp could calmly sustain. Needless to say, that didn't include the Gladiator battle scene or other excessively taxing tracks. Still, on everything that I listen to for pleasure rather than destructive testing meanness, this little tube amp never telegraphed compromise which was particularly impressive considering those 4 woofers. Not having micro-power SETs on hand, I can't tell you whether my results of push/pull drive would translate into triode land. I can tell you unequivocally though that eight watts and the Hyperions cohabitate very passionately indeed. This would indicate benign phase angles and a rather easy load just as Mr. Wu had claimed.
Cary sixpak and/or Tad 1000 monoblocs are both scary good with EL 34s - I bi-amp Tyler D1s with Cary on top and TAD s on bottom, runnning Class A and even the combination is less than $3K.
Thanks for the tips, the Audio Researsch VS110 in particular caught my intrest, it has power to.
I also had suggestions that a SET amp is better but there aren't many of those that give you many power.
So then if found this...
I has a 70 Watt Mono block set amp and a very affordable Push pull using KT88.
With the litte info i found it made me belief these amps are one of the finest in "High End" available and at affordable prices.
Some review quotes...
Not really sure about it, but maybe they are as really good? They look very high quality though.