Best tube amp monos or stereo for Gamut L5

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a bit more power with all the magic tubes can add.Currently driving these with an einstein 100w stereo amp. Sounds really great but runs out of gass and high listening levels on female vocals and some piano pieces... I think the L5s are 87db efficient and hold to 6 ohms... Any thoughts? Budget is for used gear under 7k
They go down to 2.8 ohms around 300 hz and are a more difficult load than my Apogee Duetta Sigs. My Meridian 605s never had any trouble with them but the L5s cause them to overheat and shut down. I am using a CJ 350 on my pair of L5s, SS but my tube using friends really like the sound of the combination. Very uncolored with great bass; probabaly more laid back in the midrange than many tubes but the L5s don't really need extra output in this area. Try a good SS amp on them if you can borrow one and see what you think; I don't really think that tubes are going to give you what you are looking for.
Are you willing to look at used equipment? If so perhaps a look at Manley Neoclassics or Rogue Zuess / Apollos. I believe there are a few vtl's that probably work as well as Audio Research (vt150, vtm200). These you most likely would be able to find in your $7k price.

If you would like to stick with new, I would suggest looking at Rogue M-180's.

NOTE***** I am a dealer for Manley and Rogue.

Good luck!

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