Best tube amp for Wilson Watt/Puppy

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Would anyone help me what is the best tube amp for Wilson Watt/Puppy.(exculde Lamm and under $10.000.00 new)

How about Cary 805ae and Melody pm845?

I use cary 805c on watt/puppy 7's.
No use shooting in the dark. What series are your W/P and what pre-amp are you using? What have you already listen to up to now - thoughts?
Audio Research
Thank you guys!
My is Watt/Puppy 7. Preamp is Audio Research Reference 2 Mk2. I am using a Krell Ksa 300s( that supose for my old Mirage M1).

That is easy. I would suggest either the Lamm ML3 Signature amp, (uses the Russian Ulyanov GM-70 tube) at $139,290.00 or the deHavilland GM-70's using the same tube at $9,995
Find a good, used pair of these Audio Research VTM 200 Monoblocks.

I used to use a Krell KSA 200s sometime back with my Watt Puppy 6s (with the new tweeter) and although the system is not the same, it probably sounds somewhat similar to your current setup. If so, there is plenty of room for improvement on the amp side.

I'm using a pair of YBA Passion 1000s now and the difference between now and with the old KSA200s is night and day. Yes, it's not tubed (but it has a tube-like sound) and the price is more than your stated budget. Just letting you know that there's plenty of improvement waiting if you make the correct choice.
I think Wilson is voiced and optimized for Audio Research.
The CAT tube amps have tremendous synergy with Wilson speakers. In fact, the guys at Innovative in Manhattan said that the CAT monoblocks paired with X-1's yielded the best sound they have ever gotten out of a two-channel system. That said, and while they are unusually well built, those amps can be quite finnicky, and expensive, to own - they require very carefully vetted output tubes, which CAT charges outrageous prices for, for reliable operation due to the hot-rodded circuit. Both the monoblock and stereo versions of the amp can found for less than $10,000 used. I believe a new stereo amp (the JL-2) goes for +/- $14,000 new.
I would think about 2.Hand CAT amps
I owned Watt/Puppy VI and the best tube amp for these speakers is Spectron Musician III SE, well under $10k even with upgrades. My friend owns Watt/Puppy VII w/Spectron and sound, overall, is the BEST.
The second choice is used Audio Matiere tube amp - if you can find it.
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I agree you would be hard pressed to do better than a CAT JL2.
My Music Reference RM200 performs beautifully with my WP7s. It is approximately $4,200 new, depending on the tubes you choose and was bettered, in my opinion, in only a few respects by only a few amps that cost a lot more.
Atma-sphere - John Giolas, Wilson's national
sales manager, used MA-1s on his WP7s. Not familiar with Cary or Melody.
Wilson is not voiced specifically with Audio Research. That is only one of many companies used fyi.

BAT and VTL have worked well in my experience. Lamm also sounds
Thank you every one here, you guys are very knowledgeable. Learn a lot from you guys.Thank you!
This morning I got the deal done with Robert at Audio eden, I buy his DeHavilland GM70 he has listed last night.I'll let you guys know when I receive it and how it match my W/P 7.
Isn't that just 50 watts?
Yes, 50 watts.
Please let us know your impressions. I've had my eye on the deHavilland gear, especially the 30 watt amps. Thanks.
be warned-low power amps work great with the puppies will end up replacing the resistors in the protection circuit  more than you would like-


Best tube amp for Wilson Watt/Puppy

How about Cary 805ae and Melody pm845?


No, these SE's tubes won't drive the 7's impedance in the bass. They may sound ok in the mids and highs. 

The 7's are the best of all the Watt/puppy's, but also hard to drive in the bass to get the very best out of.
You need an amp that is very happy to see a 2ohm load at bass frequencies and power levels, usually a solid state amp domain.
From Stereophile:
" The Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 7's  However, also like its predecessor, it will need a good high-current amplifier before it can be driven to satisfying levels. Its impedance drops to 2.4 ohms at 78Hz and remains below 6 ohms for much of the region where music has its maximum energy (fig.1). In addition, an impedance of 4 ohms at 59Hz is associated with an electrical phase angle of -34 degrees, which will add to the drive difficulty.

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George, you know this is a zombie thread, right?

George, you know this is a zombie thread, right?

You have the best sayings Ralph, zombie thread, expectation bias ect you should write a book on sayings.

At first I thought you meant they were all zombies and can’t read graphs.
Now I see that the thread is 2008 old, then my post is directed just at the last poster.

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