Best tube amp for stock AKG 701 head phones

Has anyone compared the Bada PH-12 tube headphone amp to the Woo Audio w6 or the DOGE 6210 EL84 Headphone Amplifier?

The amps you've noted should work well with the AKG 701, especially the W6. I'm using a Cayin HA-1A with mine and looooooove it. The Cayin has a lot of power and exhibits great control over the AKG. YMMV.

Ray Samuals Raptor. Been loving it with 701's for about a year.
I don't know what your budget is and I'm not familiar with the amps you've listed, but I would look at one of these:

The Eartube to be exact. I have an HA2-SE and I'm very happy with it. Dr. Meier is very easy to deal with. Go to for more opinions.
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Singlepower's PPX3 SLAM amp works well with my K701s...
Singlepower Extreme or one of the Singlepower slam models. Either PPX3 or MPX3. Some good deals on used amps at