Best tube amp for my system ---- 1k used????

I'm going back to tubes! I need to drive my Genesis APM 2's. The woofers have dedicated amps, so all I need is power for the mids and twts. Speakers are 4 Ohms/90 dB.
Audio Analogue Maestro CD. New Pre-amp in the works, but not yet decided either.
What's the most musically accurate/realistic sounding amp I can get for $1,000 used, keeping in mind the 4 Ohm load?
VTL? Rogue? Sonic Frontiers? Others?
Thanks for your input.
Anthem Amp 2.
Rogue 88 is by far your best bet. Nothing comes close in the 1 K used range. You might get one as low as 800.00
If you buy a Rogue 88 used for $750 - $850 you can get it upgraded to a Magnum when you can afford it (or when you need tubes as they replace them with the upgrade). I think you will have plenty of power and they really are sweet sounding detailed and focused.
Spend a few bucks more. There is a Music Ref 9Mk2 for 1450. in the ads now. This is a musical amp.for sure. It has user biasing,(per quad)can use el34's 6550's kt88's.--Talk about a tube roller's delight.A former Stereophile class a. I owned one for 3/4 years, so, no it ain't mine.From what I have read here in past threads;it's better than a 120.
It may be a better unit. I can comment on that part of it. Have not heard the Music REF9MKII.
Your asking him to spend 40% more than he has to, Is he going to get 40% m ore performance. Or are we talking 2% 3% more. Law of diminishing return.

In this hobby 10K get you 95% of the way there. They you spend abother 100k to get the added 5%.
There must be a Conrad Johnson product in that catagory somewhere.
See if you can find a Dynaco ST-80. Extremely detailed and accurate. Handles 2 ohm loads!
I would suggest a Conrad Johnson MV55 or stretch a bit and get a Premier 11a if you can find one. Although the premier 11a is probably closer to two grand used; outstanding amp though.
don't overlook sonic frontiers. an sf 80 properly tubed can sound very good. used they are about 1k +/-. they err on the romantic side of neutral, but not as far as a cj does for expmple.
Thank you for the recommendations. Upon doing more research, soul searching, and some pocket searching as well, I've decided on the Music Reference RM-9 II. I'll have it tomorrow! I had my mind on one for a while now.

Next question will be "What $600 used pre-amp should I mate with it?" Input welcomed now, but I'll know more about the sound I want when I get the amp....Too embarassed to mention the preamp I have to start it on.
No reason to be embarassed.