Best tube amp for $2000 or less

I'm looking to upgrade my amp and have a budget of 2 grand.
My system is:
B&W 805D
Sonic Frontiers SFS-50 Amp
B&W subwoofer
VTL 2.5 preamp
Moon .5 CD player
Music Hall 2.2LE turntable
Nordost speaker cables, interconnects and power cord

I'd like to keep with the tube amp and wanted some opinions. I would prefer a new amp instead of a used one but would be willing to purchase used if the price was right.
there r numerous quicksilvers here for sale that get completely ignored? They the quickies r built very well sound great I had two of the early mono models. And best of all.USA built with a company that is still around servicing. I am sure quicksilver has a good customer service record. This is just a thought in a world dominated by audio products from Asia..
Well your title is a little misleading, you are looking for the best tube amp that fits your system requirements and budget. Your speakers will limit a lot of the "best" tube amp choices, SET's. Not to mention the fact that 'best' is subjective, and will be different in the ears of many different listeners.

So looking at amps that are 50 wpc and up, and under $2000, I would say a Rogue Atlas if buying new, or a Cary V-12 if buying used. Happy hunting.
Thanks JMCGrogan2. Admittedly I was a bit vague. I would like to keep with tubes ultimately. New would be preferred but if I found a used piece that was in good condition, I would take it and yes best is subjective.
You already have a VTL preamp; the addition of a VTL tube amp like the ST-85 or ST-150 would do nicely. You would have the system matching thing covered; not to mention they would be in your price range used. There is little else out there new that you would be satisfied with long-term, and have resale value.
I'm a bit confused also. What is wrong with the SF amp? That is a sweet amp. Are you looking for more power? I believe you will need to up the ante considerably to best it, especially for new prices. I love VTL amps, but there again unless you go monoblocks, I'm not sure of a truly palpable improvement.

Perhaps if you are looking for more grunt, then a SS amp such as Odyssey would do you well matched with the VTL preamp.
I'll hazard a guess that the best $2000 amp for your B&W's is not a tube amp.
This thread is old but for others looking for a tube amp in this price/wattage category I would recommend a used Lectron JH-50. It is a stunning amp. Occasionally one comes up for sale around the $2K mark, or less. I purchased one recently as a backup amp and it had a better timbre quality, soundstage, bass, and highs than my Lamm ML1.1s. I sold my Lamms and kept the Lectron JH-50. I believe the Agon member 'Dougdeacon' has also commented on this amp's qualities. I use my JH-50 with Harbeth C7es3s.