Best tube amp choice for Focal Electra 1038 Be

I spent quite some time reading recommendation on what is the best amplifier for the Focal Electra 1038 Be speakers. Looks like that the first choice of most, who own these speakers or listened to them is Pass Lab. What about tube amplifiers, separates or integrated? I understand that to buy used/mint power and pre Pass amp I have to spent here on Audiogon about 7K (XA 30.5 + XP-10). I have to spent about the same amount for highly recommended INT-30A. So if this is my budget for tubes, what would you recommend?
My listening room is 15 by 12. My current amp is integrated LFD and the reason why I want to switch to something else is slightly fuzzy highs. I want them to be a little bit more forward and detailed. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz, blues and chamber music.
Recommendations on speaker cables will be appreciated also.
Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.
The Ayre is a zero feedback SS amp and pre that will sound natural like tubes. Also Aesthetix is a GREAT choice for tube amp/pre
Thanks a lot. Aestheyix cost way above my budget, especially power amp, but I put them in my wish list and try to listen to at NY hi-fi show in Brooklyn this September. Talking about Ayre. Stereophile's Art Duddley was flabbergasted by integrated AX-5. What Ayre model - separates or integrated you could recommend?
Give Accuphase or Luxman a listen.
Thanx for your advice, I'm just confused a little bit, because whatever company people recommend, every one have so many models. And we all know that their performance can be so different! Could you be more specific?
I have the AX7e and LOVE it with my Vandersteen Treo's...That said, if I could afford the AX5e, I'd go that route in a heartbeat. I've never heard another integrated sound so complete. Do you live near NJ? If so, go to Audio Connection in Verona and ask John to let you listen to them. He also has Belles and Rotel (their new stuff is unreal for the cost). He sells Quicksilvers too. He even had my own Silver Mono's that he's selling for me for a great price. Listen to the AX7e vs the AR, Quicksilver and Rogue tubes gear and see which one you like best. He has it all right there and you can AB to your hearts delight.
What a great advice to visit Audio Connection in Verona! I live in Brooklyn,NY, so it's about 1 hour drive. I will definitely go there in mid September. One more thing. Obviously I did one BIG mistake after I brought my Focals home. I changed my speakers and my speaker cables at the same time. So it's not only speakers are breaking in but the cable also. I had to factor them in too. Now after about 150 hours of usage sound changed dramatically and I started to recognize my old LFD. As Ayre, it's also Stereophile class A integrated amp. Still, after so many great reviews of Ayre I have to listen to it. HiFi bug never dies! Thanks again!
The Accuphase can be a little pricey. I believe the E550/E560 is a very capable integrated. Luxman has 2 class A integrated's. The L550A and the L590AX. If you can stretch it, the L590AX is a really good amp. All these integrated amps sound very tube like.
I can PROMISE you that you'll love the Ayre. John has all the Ayre stuff set up. Mostly with VAndy's, but he has the Proacs AND BMW so you can see how it sounds with three totally different speakers. Tell John that Pete sent you. He'll take great care of you. He often posts over here too.
If you call ahead and tell him what you want to hear, he can try and put things together for you.
Another thumbs up for John at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ, one of the
All-Star dealers in all of high-end audio. I moved to Boca Raton, FL and
also spend a lot of time in Ga. I really miss John and traveling to his shop,
and I can tell you there is no better than John Rutan. Best of luck, John will
steer you right.
Of all the shops I've visited he is as good as anyone and probably the best. He just cares...of course he wants to make money, but he will give the best advice possible for your situation. Glad to see I'm not the only one.
I know lots of audiophiles will roll their eyes when they read this, but when I was out there auditioning speakers to purchase, eventually ordering a pair of Focal Sopra No2's, I found the McIntosh C50/MC452 to be an excellent match for those speakers.
I was fortunate enough to snag that combination on Audiogon a few weeks ago...when the Focals arrive, I'll be found in my family room with a wide grin on my face!

another vote for Aesthetix gear. What other gear is in your system, including, cabling?

Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Heard more Aesthetix gear and feel in love all over again, lol.
I almost bought the Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP. I got the separates instead. But before I did I researched for six months and the HP appeared to be the best I found. I also checked the Audio Research Vsi75 and it was real nice sounding but seemed like at was 40% less than the HP and cost 50% more.

I also tried a Cary SLI 80 and loved the mids but the bass was lacking. The bass from the Primaluna was like solid state and the mids even better.
Make sure the amp allows you to tube roll with different preamp tubes. That's the best way to guarantee you will get what you want

I failed to mention the VTL it85. That may work as it's more forward like you were seeking and had lots of high end response.