Best TT under 2K?

I am trying to decide what TT to purchase. I need to keep it under 2K and have been looking at the MMF7, MMF9, Marantz TT-15S1 and the Scout (pushing the price with a cartridge). Does anyone have experince with some of these that could discuss some of their opinions?
Take a look also at the KAB Technics SL1200 and SL1210 tables.

This reviewer considers the KAB Technics SL1200 superior to the MMF-9.
I second the SL-1200 or better yet the KAB modified version. They are well built and also sound damn good! Had a head to head comparison the 1200 vs the Rega planar 3. The 1200 was clearly much superior.

The only weak point I can see is the tonearm on the 1200.
Psychicanimal should be here shortly with his report on the 1200.
Sounds hard to believe, but the Technics KILLS. Kevin at KAB is wicked cool and great to work with. I've owned Linn, Rega and Nott. They ALL destroy digital. Linn is the best, but very expensive. Under $1,000, it's the Technics. Under $2,000 it may be the Rega P5 w/PS. Nott is great too. U can't go wrong with analog. A "garage sale" TT beats a hell of a lot of digital rigs.
Wow - I wanna get one just to hear how it sounds!
I would suggest a nice used linn lp12 with ittok arm (original pre cirkus) I have seen these on agon for around 1500. put a nice grado on it and you have a very sweet turntable.
If you have a budget of 2K or less, I would urge you at the proverbial point of a muzzle to look to the used market. For a little less than 1k you can try to catch a Basis 1400 for example. My point is that in this price range you can so much more for your money on the used market.


The only weak point I can see is the tonearm on the 1200.

The problem with the 1200's tonearm is control. It is based on the bigger brother EPA but is less streamlined. The little brother does have exceptionally low bearing friction so when this 12g arm moves it's somewhat uncontrolled. KAB's fluid damper corrects and substantially improves the situation, making it compatible with many different cartridge compliances. One guy in the Asylum reported successful compatibilities with cartridges ranging from 9 x 10 -6 to 25 x 10 -6 Dyne compliance.

The latest KAB mod is the tonearm rewire with Cardas Litz and upgraded phono terminals ( Cardas DIN or RCA ). Take a look:

A fully modded KAB 1200 will be up there in the $5K performance range--easy. Imagine, on top of this, installing a Revelation Audio Labs umbilical between outboard power supply & deck!

The Creature on Steroids rules.

Dear savagewaits: If I were you I buy with out any question this offer at once:

it is not only a very good TT/tonearm but comes with a very good cartridge too: a bargain!!!!!!!!!!, don't loose it.

regards and enjoy the music.
Check out my table, I bought it for $1,700 and I have seen one again around there since.
Wow....I agree with Raul.
if purchasing new, its nearly impossible to beat an mmf9 package.
Savagewaits. I suggest you look at the used market – you should be able to get a fairly competent deck. You get what you pay for, there is no black magic in this regard. The ad suggested by Raul, although slightly over your budget, is a good example of what can be had.

I have heard a number of so-called “killer” DJ turntables that are about as capable of reproducing music accurately as a cat running over a tin roof is capable of sounding like a piano recital.

Buy an MM7 and put a Shelter 501 mk2 cartridge in it. I did. Amazing combination. Pure musical satisfaction everytime I listen.
Just took deliver of KAB USA modified SL1210M5G with Stanton audiophile cartridge. Am enjoying the music very much. Amazing challen separation and imaging.