Best TT setup for 2k

Want to start getting into vinyl more. Currently have a Project carbon TT and cheapo Emotiva phono pre. It sound ehhh, ok but not great. I don’t know much at all about vinyl. Could I get a substantial upgrade at or around 2k for table and phono preamp? Is the Project good enough to warrant a better cartridge? 


Any recommendations on a reasonable phono pre? $500ish. Would go somewhat higher if I need to. 

I found a used Musical Surroundings NovaPhonomena for about $500.  I really like it and it has good reviews.  My turntable is MoFi, and I’m using a Soundsmith B&O cartridge with an adapter.  Totally satisfied.

The MoFi phono preamp has good reviews for a $400 unit.

A popular reviewer tested a new ProJect Debut Pro complete with quality cart. Can't remember the name. All for 1k.  He claimed it outperformed his Technics tt with Ortofon 2M-Black cartridge. 

From a reviewer ya might want to take with a very large grain of salt, but might be worth looking into. You would still have almost 1k towards the all important phono preamp.

The Ortofon black cartridge for one is overrated IMO.  Take and listen to various turntables in your price range.  Do not buy a turntable from what the reviewers say.  listen for yourself.  its the only way.