Best TT plinth material, cost no object

It is said that the best material with which to build a loudspeaker cabinet is LEAD, the second best is concrete and the third is Aluminum. Only the third has been adapted by the industry, for obvious reasons.

Internal and extraneous vibrations need to be dampened or eliminated if sound smearing is to be reduced,

Now to the turntable; remove it from the influence of vibrations, internal vibrations not withstanding, and the vinyl should sound better.

Not all of us can put the turntable outside on the sidewalk where only the elements can affect the sound, but can we make the plinth so HEAVY that we can come close to removing the turntable from the sound room entirely?

Can a lead plinth, not too practical, get us as close as possible to putting the turntable outside, on the concrete walk?

Your thoughts, Ken

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When I move my turntables from wood, metal or acrylic plinths to a slate plinth they all sound much better. Invariably. I still have not found a better plinth material yet.

Always nice to hear that some mini meets are organizing. It is a very positive way to compare and learn from each others, especially in turntable plinths department. Don't forget to report your meet impressions !