Best TT plinth material, cost no object

It is said that the best material with which to build a loudspeaker cabinet is LEAD, the second best is concrete and the third is Aluminum. Only the third has been adapted by the industry, for obvious reasons.

Internal and extraneous vibrations need to be dampened or eliminated if sound smearing is to be reduced,

Now to the turntable; remove it from the influence of vibrations, internal vibrations not withstanding, and the vinyl should sound better.

Not all of us can put the turntable outside on the sidewalk where only the elements can affect the sound, but can we make the plinth so HEAVY that we can come close to removing the turntable from the sound room entirely?

Can a lead plinth, not too practical, get us as close as possible to putting the turntable outside, on the concrete walk?

Your thoughts, Ken

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Hey LewM

You mentioned that putting three different tables in a plinth and they all sounded more alike. This makes me wonder if the plinth material is dominating the sonic character and not the tables themselves.

I recently heard the same 301 in the following 4 different plinths, Slate, Maple, Delignite and a three layer ebony and zebrawood sandwich. All 4 sounded quite different and declaring one of them "best" was really a matter of taste and system matching. Each one did show a different character and my ultimate preference probably had more to do with how the plinth complimented the system it was going into. These were rather quick non-scientific swaps but the overall character of each material was readily heard. In a few months we hope to repeat the swaps in a more controlled environment with the goal of putting a sound on the various materials.

I realize that the experiments are not comparable but it seems to me that you used three distinctly different sounding tables into a common plinth and they all took on a similar characteristic. I guess the proper thing to do would be to try a different material for all three decks and see what happens.

If I had to choose based on the system as it was, I would have gone with the ebony / Zebrawood, but if the tests were done in my system I suspect the preference would have been something else.

Hey Lewm

thanks for the explanation. what you hear is what matters. the reason I struck up the conversation was to get a better feel for the background of your experiences. I am 100% in the "what sounds best" is "best" camp, yet I still feel I need to adhere to some type of logical structure for collecting data based on experience.

Hey Lewm,

There is a very nice cutaway of the Kenwood table at: