Best TT/Arm combo fro $2,000-2,500

I am a first time buyer of LP play system.
Need guidance on choosing one of followings;
1. Used Rega 9 TT/Rega 1000
2. Used VPI Aries TT/Arm
3. Basis 2001 TT/Arm
4. Nottingham Spase TT/Arm
5. Other suggestions
Thanks in advance to all.
'Nott!! Of course, depends on what kind of cartridge you are planning on as well as what kind of music you listen to and what the rest of the system is. Another to consider is a used Well Tempered Reference.

Didn't you just ask basically the same question is another thread? Jimbo is correct.
I noticed you're mentioning unsuspended TTs...but if you don't mind a suspension, I'm quite partial to the Michell Gyrodec. I bought a used Gyro SE (newer make with the DC motor) and put a new OL Silver on...cost me around $2K. I'm a happy ragamuffin now!

I risk getting flamed for this...but the Rega P9 struck me as kinda overpriced, unless you get a good deal on a used one. The RB900s and 1000s are good tonearms, though.

VPI and Nottingham are both very good choices--when you get to this level they're all pretty good, and it's all about what flavor suits you and your system, I think. I considered but didn't choose the Nott for myself, though they are great 'tables. I like lush, suspended designs in my lush, tube amped system, so there's my bias :)

Just thought I'd throw in my $.02
I have recently upgraded to the Basis 2001, with a RB900 arm. I like it very much. BTW, it too is a suspension table. I purchased it used for about $2,200.

However, you did not say which arm you were going to get with the Basis. If you have the money, the Vector (made by Basis) is supposedly one of the best, competing with best of the Graham and SME arms. (I hope to upgrade to this at some point.)

You might also figure out which cartridge you are planing on using, as that may affect your choice of arm. (Some high mass cartridges work better with certain arms, such as the Koetsu cartridges, which is my cartridge of choice.)
Might as well beat Twl to the punch and put in the obligatory nod to a Teres.

Teres 150 ($1825) + Origin Live OL1 ($525) = $2350

Otherwise I agree with Jimbo3 and 4yanx, and with all who suggest narrowing down your list of cartridges before choosing. Arm/cartridge matching is critical, and you don't want to choose an arm that won't get the most from whatever cartridge you want - or vice versa.