Best TT and cartridge combo used under $1500?

Please name your best vinyl recommendations on a budget constraint of $1500. Table, arm, and cartridge. Used market, in order to maximize sound yet accommodate the budget.

I've had a Marantz TT15S1 with a Benz Wood SH that I'd assembled used for $1400. They've now sold. I'm hoping to push the envelope a bit more without spending an arm and a leg.

Come on, I know you savvy used market buyers know of some absolute steals in this price range. Or do I give this board too much credit?
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VPI HW-19 mkIV with Jelco 250st and Shure V15Vxmr
I agree with the system described by Grinnell. As an alternative to the V15, depending on the rest of the system, an AT-OC9MLII (if the preamp can handle the low output) or an AT-150MLX if the system not capable of handling mc carts.
it gives you money to spare to buy a Seduction or Cornet II phono stage :)
You might be able to find a Gyro SE with arm for about that.
Interesting that AT cartridges came up. I"m still mourning the discontinuation of the AT33PTG model. The AT33EV seems to be the replacement, but with a "nude elliptical" instead of line contact stylus.

I never could get the high end of the AT-150mlx to settle in. I think my preference would be for an MC if you have the equipment for it.
My BAT pre has a built in phono input. MC cartridges are no problem, for the Benz Wood SH I sold was a high output MC cartridge. Are the Gyro SE and the VPI HW-19mkIV both about the same vintage? I'm leaning more towards something newer. I came close to pulling the trigger on a Project 6 Prospectek or whatever it's called, but decided to do a bit more research, beginning with the forums for suggestions.

I fig'd many of you have assembled some very musical systems on a budget. I could consider acquiring a table only for now and add a cartridge later, but the TT must come with an arm. It's been slim pickin's on the ads this week. I see a Basic 1400, but that's too old for my liking. Thanks to all for the input.
The best way to maximize the sound is to buy something new, that hasn't had tonearm or platter bearings damaged from misuse or abuse by a previous owner, and properly set up by a trained dealer. Apparently you were unsatisfied by the Marantz, but I don't know if that's because it didn't offer enough performance in its areas of strength or if its strengths didn't match your priorities. For a different flavor, my favorite in that price range is the P3-24 with Elys 2 cartridge. Bought new, there's enough room in the budget to get the TTPSU should a home audition convince you it makes a worthwhile improvement. I find the Rega's tuneful, rhythmically engaging sound more satisfying than most 'tables that use a lot of acrylic in the design, which tend to excel at resolution and imaging at the expense of somewhat confused timing-related attributes.
I'm not sure when the last HW-19 was produced. They still have parts.

I picked the HW-19 because it was a very good value for the price. It was a simple suspended design which could be tweaked and I could fix anything that went wrong on it.

The one thing i had to do was make an armboard for the tonearm. not hard and anyone with a table saw and drill press could do for you.

I bought mine without a tonearm and needed to watch the cash so i went with the Jelco/Audioquest.

It took awhile to get one but a scored a mint MKIV off ebay with the lead filled platter and tnt bearing.

I have not heard a lot of TT's but it sounds good to me :)
The Gyro SE is a current Michell model, though the basic design has probably not changed in decades.

I have that BAT phono board as well. It's a really excellent phono board and can probably handle anything.
Jrtrent, I appreciate your comments. The Marantz-Benz combo was very nice and satisfactory to any normal person without upgradeitus.

Rega's glass platter design doesn't impress me in the least. I know the P3 is a popular table in its price range, but a P3 would be a step down from the TT15S1, IMHO. The only reason for selling the Marantz was to invest into something more aesthetically pleasing both in design and appearance. I wasn't crazy about the tonearm of the Marantz, but it worked perfectly.

I'm probably still attempting to recover emotionally from having sold my Zeta tonearm a decade ago that was attached to an Oracle Delphi. I had $1200 into that setup and now a decade later I'm seeing new stuff that couldn't touch that former combo.

I have no apprehension buying anything "used" as long as I feel the seller is being honest about the item being sold. There's too much depreciation in new gear for my pocketbook to justify buying new, for as soon as it's opened it's used. Although having a warranty would be nice, but in 15 years I've yet to experience issues with acquiring any used gear.