Best True Portable or Boom-Box?

Not really audiophile...I know!
Just looking for a decent portable/Boom for work and travel.
Thanks for any responses
Looked for one last year and was very disappointed with everything out there - sound quality sucked big time - all sounded "boxie" - even the $450 units

Most of them are bluetooth these days - so very limited platforms

Ended up buying a Yamaha mini system and making a rack with a handle.
It has fm, cd,usb,external mini jack and ipod socket - I think the next model has bluetooth as well + great sound for a small unit.

If all you want is bluetooth I saw a nice little unit today called "Rukus"
- mains power
- battery power + solar recharge panel in the top
- pretty small footprint
- pretty good sound too

Hope this helps
If you want a true "killer" boombox take a look at the Meridian M80. Great sound; Great WAF looks; But expensive.

Alternatively, Tivoli Audio makes a number of portables that don't have the Meridian's killer sound, but conversely are much more economically priced.
Thanks for the responses! I will check out Meridian and Tivoli!