Best transport under $500 for Electrocom ECD-1 dac

Need help here. What is the best transport under $500 for the Electrocompaniet ECD-1 dac? It doesn't matter if it's a DVD player, a CD player, a DVD-A player, a SACD player, or even a dedicated transport. Thanks to everyone for just listening.
Here's 5 Transports I'v heard that are really good for under 500.
McCormack SST-1 Transport
Rotel RDD980 CD Transport
California Audio Lab Delta Transport
Sony DVP S7700. This is DVD CD Player. The transport was great for CDs. I used it as a transport. I used a Meridian 566 20 dac on it.
Sony DVP S7000 is also a good transport.
I`ve heard good things about the Pioneer Elite PD-65 as a transport. It can be had for under $400 used.
As crazy as it sounds, I'm currently using the Toshiba 3950 on a Sistrum platform with a high-end DAC with great results. This combo will cost less than $500. The 3960, the newer model, is available at Best Buy and other places. You could also try a used Kinergetics CD player. These run about $250 used and were highly regarded CDPs in their day.