Best Transport under $2500

I am trying to upgrade my system again. I am now looking for advice on what you folks think is the best CD Transport for under $2500.

I have a nice Teac VRDS10 at this time and it is excellent. I intend on keeping it for a while. The only problem is that is has a laser in it that is not being made any longer.

What I would like to do is start my search for a replacement for either the laser assembly or the whole transport.

Thanks in advance to you all.
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Look for a used Sony SCD-777ES . Excellent all around CD player but even a greater CD transport weighing in at almost 60 pounds for great isolation and jitter resistance.
The two that I've used are the Northstar 192 and CEC TL-51X. Both are very good. Another one that I'd consider is the 47 Labs Shigaraki.
May I ask one of my usual silly questions?

If you really like the Teac and it's working, why are you looking to replace it now? Who knows what new or used transports will be on the market if and when the Teac quits.

At the asking price, this MF cd player looks to be a no brainer. Philips CD-PRO 2 top loading mechanism. No AES balanced out though.
I agree with Reb1208 if that's the route you want to go.I have that unit as a transport and it works very well, it's not to bad as a player either. I was quite surprised to hear it sound quite clean and full for ss. Much better than a MF A308 cdp I had.

Good luck,
Chuck - Not a silly question. I love the Teac transport that I have now, but they do not manufacture the laser assembly for it any longer. I already had a transport quit on me once and it left me in a bind until I found the Teac. So, I am just doing my homework for a potential replacement, so I will not have to do it at the last moment.

I would also like to hear from anyone who might have a spare laser assembly that they would like to sell me.

You can get this unit upgrade by Mike at Mr tritium
contact Number 414 475 0007.
The upgrade includes a new laser.

I called and spoke with someone that told me that my best money spent would be on Tri-phazers. When I asked him for a price on the upgrade, he said he didn't know because he hadn't purchased a laser assembly in quite a while.

I got a sales pitch on the tri-phazers and when I told him that I had a Valab non oversampling dac, he stopped and said if I had that dac, the tri-phasers would not be that effective.