Best transport under 2 grand for bryston bp25 da

I have a bryston preamp with built in dac.This dac is absolutely amazing.The problem is that it is so resolving that the differences in transports is very easily heard and most are not that good.The acoustic arts drive 1 was perfect but also very expensive.Anyone have any ideas as to other possible matches?I have tried about 7 myself including the teac dv-50.Perhaps I will end up going the way of the acoustic arts.Any input would be greatly appreciated.
try Theta Data III around $1000
or a Sony SCD 777 around $1500
Turbomodded Sony DVP-S7700. Hands-down. About $250 used and $830 for mods.
Audioengr- "Turbomodded Sony DVP-S7700" Does your mod have a optimum boost pressure management system to prevent turbo lag at low listening levels? Will it run on regular unleaded?
I'm on vacation--but am watching! (belt drive transport is the way).
Kana813: his AEM Stand Alone with implemented ALS (Anti Lag System)feature will take care of that ;-)