Best transport to use with Jadis JS 1 tube dac

Hi, i have the Jadis JS 1 tube dac, which is from 1995. I want to use it with a better transport. Right now i'm using it with the PS Audio Lamda transport. Since the Dac is 7 years old, should i get a transport from the time the Jadis came out, or should use it on a current transport.
The Jadis DAC is similar to the Audio Logic. That works very well with CEC TL-1, Forsell and Jadis transports; I'd expect the Jadis to do the same. You should be able to get reasonable deals on at least the CEC used, and they all are really nice looking transports.
sell your jadis dac customer support in us is bad and there are far better sounding dacs for the money that goes for the entire jadis line. all their products are of old technologies.
It has been my experience that often old technology sounds best....
Hello Doug99

I have the Jadis JS-1 MKII DAC. I currently have the Jadis JD-1 Transport. This is a very good match. I have tried several other units as transport but none was as good. I have use the Sony 9000ES DVD, Sony 555ES, Pioneer Elite PD65, Theta Pearl, Audio Research CD-1 & CDT-1, Marantz (? on model) Adcom GCD-700 and a Rotel (? on model).

The Jadis JS-1 is a very good DAC and needs a good transport. It seems that it truely does have the ability to responed to the source.

I totally disagree with CARAVAN123a. Some people seem to be bent on only the new. I am sure he finds the CD which is dated use less as well. The truth is the Jadis JS-1 with a good transport will reproduce a CD to a sound level that is so good that I have still not been able to find anything to best it, in my system and for my taste. This includes any of the NEW SACD units.

I know some that tried the Levinson, Krell, Accuphase and complete Theta sets that found the Jadis better.

Of course all of this depends on the total system and the persons taste exc. But people that make foolish statement like CARAVAN123a should be looked at for what they are words that have no meaning from a very narrow mind.
To my mind, RCprince's advice is sound....and yes,my ears love that "old technology" almost dayly. Cheers,
Off the subject. Just got my little Jadis 40 watt Orchestra BEAUTIFUL! Hooked her up to my friends system and he thinks she reveals more interesting music than his AR 100 and AR pre.The Jadis $2500 the AR $8K !! Give me more Jadis!!! New is not always better. The BEST sounding classical recordings are say from 1963 to 1972, if someone wants to adjust those years thanks. This is a great thread for me cause i'm interested in the Jadis CDP/DAC.
Tweekerman, I'm afraid I must contradict you most earnestly, bcause from 1963 there was already a decline in the art of recording classical music. The best RCA's and Mercs are from 59 until about 62 and remain unsurpassed. But as far as EMI and Decca are concerned, you are not off the mark in my opinion. Harmonia Mundi and even some Phillips excelled in the 70s as well. Cheers
Detlof I thought it was earlier than 1963. Then the " New is not always better" applies here?. I have a Telarc recording made i think in the mid 90's they list all the Sony mic's and other super high tech equipment. But the older recordings sound MUCH better??? (CDP is the NAD 540, don't know if this holds on new high tech CDP's) thanks for your correction. My apologies and thanks to Doug for use of his thread. Ahhh! I just looked above seems Reprince and Detlof are both believers in the "new is not always better" SO Caravan opened up the whooole can of worms. I think their maybe some sort of connection here -older recordings sound better-...-old technologies of Jadis-.... Thanks Caravan
Nah, it's just that Detlof and I are older...
Rcprince, LOL. Can't say speak for spoke for both of us. Cheers,