Best Transport/Players at $2000.00 Used Market

Good morning all,

                      I am currently in the market for a transport/or cd player (to couple with my Simaudio Moon DAC 300D).I have about three so far that I have my eye on.So far,the only real physical test I've done is with a CEC TL51z.considering the fact that its not such a recent player,it was quite impressive.The major feature that I found very engaging was its analogue/organic like sound it conveyed!Yet,I believe that(for my tastes it lacked verve,and the ability to be resolving in the lower octaves.)
Yesterday,I was given a treat to my audiophile buddy to his new P.S audio Directstream Music Player.Wow..what a piece of machinery! It was open,airy,detailed,pin point accuracy in imagery,and a soundstage,that was astounding!What I was expecting to sound a bit clinical,and synthetic,did not exist! I have to other players I may vie for(but I will be going blindfold,without having to test it on my gear).One is the Flatfish47,Two,Pathos acoustics Digit.Lastly,Acoustic art cd 1. 
If there is anyone out there that has encountered this dilemma,or has even had experience with any one of these players,and has even had the opportunity to make some back to back comparisons,I would most highly welcome any input regarding my present situation...

Thanks for looking.
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PS Audio PerfectWave Transport (used)
You can consider Cyrus CD t too.
I have the Perfectwave Transport...
In an unopened box that is.After my buddy upgraded to the Directstream Music Player/Transport he lent me this one!
Having tried it yet though.
Thanks didn't know about Cyrus.

If you are only using it as a transport, just get an Oppo or use the transport you already have and add a Synchro-Mesh reclocker to either one. You will have to spend a lot more than $2K to get 18psec of jitter and you get this with a $599 Synchro-Mesh. All that matters from a transport is jitter, nothing else, unless you want it for audio jewelry or bragging rights.

If you wanted to use it for SACD playback using the internal DAC and analog outputs, then go for the Perfectwave or the like.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Ok,I'm using a Simaudio Moon DAC 300D.I will be using the PW soley for Red Book.I want to spend BTW,2.5 k on the used market! There are quite a few transports available(at 8k to 10k new),
for what I can presently afford.Whether they are outdated is another issue altogether.But Ill give the PW a chance with my DAC too.My buddy is ready to let it go for $1500.00.Will it be an appreciable indifference to add another 1k for something more resolving and engaging remains to be seen...I gather!
I'm currently using the PW in one of my systems. It's very good and even in the used market, I think you will have a hard time to do better, of course, each system has its own synergy, as does each person have their own likes and dislikes. One factor I really like about the PW is it will read any CD that I put in it, I realize that is not one of your requirements but one never knows.
Have you thought about purchasing the PW and trading it in to PS Audio (they will give you a great trade in price) and purchase the new Directstream Music Player?