Best transport for Zanden 5000 dac

What transport/s can you reccomend as top class matches for this fine dac? I gravitate to detail, smoothness(paricularly on vocals), nuetrality and dynamics. Currently I'm using Esoteric P700 which I like but feel there are better out there. An alternative to Esoteric is sought-- any thoughts on Audiomeca, Spectral, Wadia, CEC TL0? Personal experiences preferred to opinions but all comment is very welcome.
Srajan at found the Accustic Arts Drive 1 to be a great match with his Zanden DAC. I use it with an Audio Note DAC and love it. Some say the XLR digital out on the Drive 1 is more dynamic than the RCA out, but I have not compared them. To my ears it's a very smooth and neutral transport and the dynamics are excellent. It's a beautiful machine too and has functioned perfectly.
The newer and "heavyer" Teac VRDS 10 I have would work well, especially if you like the sound now, It would only improve on the charatoristics you heear now. (I've had some various Esoteric and Teac in the past, including Esoteric P500)

I've used a Wadia 861Se (as a transport), CEC TL-1X and eventually settled on an Ensemble Dirondo. The Accustic Arts is also a good choice.
The reviewer at IAR thinks that this is the next best transport outside of the Verdi with DCS components which might also sound good with the Zanden.
You might try a 47Labs Flatfish. It is a top loader and designed to run with a filterless, non oversampling dac.
Am getting fantastic results with the new Ensemble Dirondo.
the Zanden transport is the only one linkable via the proprietary clocklink type connection developed specifically for the 2 pieces therefore has a significant sonic advantage over any other transport
thanks guys for your responses - will follow up these leads.Happy "hi-fi'ing"
If you can afford the $25k (approx) Zanden transport, that would have to be a very strong contender for the best match. I heard this combination at CES 2004 and it's sweet system.