Best Transport for under a $1000

I am looking for your opinions on the best CD transport for under $1000. I would prefer a AES/EBU connection. I will also be upgrading my DAC in the near future. Here is my associated equipment:

Thiel 2.4
Levinson 27.5
Levinson 38S
MSB Link III DAC with upsampling (soon to be upgraded)
Transparent interconnect/speaker/power cabling.

I've enjoyed my Theta Pearl for about three years now. The Pearl can accommodate RCA and balanced connections to your DAC, and it uses the Pioneer Stable Platter mechanism.

I initially had it paired with a Bel Canto DAC1.1, but found real synergy when I switched to a Kora Hermes 24/192 DAC 2 1/2 years ago.

Pearls go for about $600 used.
Theta Basic II & CAL.

Happy Listening.
If you're lucky, you can get a Theta Jade for right around this price ($1000-$1200). The Jade was Theta's last flagship, audio-only transport. They don't come around too often. Excellent transport. All their new stuff is Audio and Video.

Also check out EAD. Product is top notch in every category- build, craftmanship, sound. Their T1000 mkIII can be had for $400 or so. A great deal. But they have other higher end models, as well, to suit your needs. All are excellent.
For used, Accuphase DP-80(L). It is maybe a little old now, that's why you can find at low price. Mine lost its remote and too expensive to order a new one($200). To get a remoted transport, I try several sub 1K transports. Still prefer this old Accuphase than others. Laser head may lost some power, so will skip sometimes for bad condition CD's. However, when it reads correctly, the most detailed yet musical transport under 1K. Guess it has a very good clocking CKT. Therefore, it survives in my setup after two years of plot to replace it with a remote CD player or transport. Now I give up, and wait until I can afford a high end SACD player.
Too bad DP-90 is still very expensive.
Data Basic II. Some claim, that it sounds even better than Jade.
Museatex CDD-1 from Ed Meitner design (aprox. $550 used)or Muse Model Eight transport.