Best transport for under $500

What are the recommendations for the best transport for $500 or under. On my short list are:

Parasound CBD/2000
McCormack SST1
Theta Basic
Rega players
Sony players

I am currently using a Marantz 67SE and would like an upgrade. Thanks
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Agree with Jab but the dac and digital cable will be the biggest difference.
A Theta Jade was just listed for $650., I'd stretch your budget and grab it.
Any other ideas out there? Maybe a newer CD player as a transport?
Try getting your hands on a used Sony DVP-7000. This dvd player is a great transport. I know most dvd players are pretty useless as transports - but this one is up there with the best dedicated cd transports..a
Any quality CD transport will blow away a similarly priced CDP.

Theta Data Basic II, PS Audio Lambda II or Muse Model 5 would be my first choices for under 500$.
Think about a Pioneer Elite PD-65. Good stock, and can be modded later for better performance.
Proceed CDD.Very Good transport,going cheaply now, used.
A properly operating Sony S7700 is absolutely the best value in all audio for a transport. We've compared several dvdp's and cdp's and this simply stands out as the most dynamic, engaging and detailed. I use it with my Benchmark dac-1 and the top Ridge Street digital cable and interconnects and I'd put this against some of the most "refined, musical, detailed systems I've ever heard. Change the power cord, and use the best cables you can afford. I know it gets better but for around $200 the Sony is an absolute steal of a bargain .
After_hrs - does the S7700 play CDRs ?