Best transport for redbook and HDCD?

I would like to get a better transport for my ECD-1 dac.
I use an original Rega Planet currently and do prefer top-loaders although it's not a neccessity. I have pondered the lowest priced belt-drives by CEC/Parasound but am not sure if the belt-drive will make an audible difference. I do not know of any other brands that have a belt-drive.
Some have suggested the EAD and CAL universal transports that play CD's and laserdisc's. Others perferred dedicated redbook transports like the McCormack SST-1.
I have even pondered DVD units such a the Sony DVP-7700 and the Toshiba SD-9200 with DVD-A and wonder how well they stack up against lower priced stand alones.
For any help, Thanks
I run the Parasound BD 2000 top loader. Don't believe the belt drive affects sound, however this unit is unbelievably good. Must confess to a full Mod Wright modification though. I loaned the transport to someone with excellent ears; custom built tube preamp, custom DAC, VTL monoblocks and ML CLS panels. He said it cooked his Planet which he does dearly loves.

He said he listened very cynically, believing none of the transport vs player hype, but was completely convinced afterward.
I don't have a suggestion for you, but I do have a non-suggestion!

I have yet to heard a DVD player that made a good transport. I've tried the Sony DVP-S7700 and DVP-S9000ES as well as a couple of cheaper units. I don't know why, but they all produced a "thin" sound vs a Cary CD-308 and Theta Miles that I also used for transport.

Just my $.02 worth, but I would not use a DVD player in a high-end system as transport unless I needed to save money or shelf space by combining audio and video functions.


Reubent, I traded in my Sony S7700 for an Arcam DV-89 after an A/B comparison with Arcam lower level CDP's. The DV-89 has virtually identical audio sections along with terrific video sections. There are other brands as well who pay close attention to the audio playback sections on their DVD players.
Arcam FMJ CD23T, perhaps?
Just watch!
"Audioengr" is going to burst into this thread & claim that the Sony DVP-S7700 *with* mods is *the* best. He's going to make this 1-liner & simply exit!
I'm surprised that he hasn't made his presence felt as yet!
Tombowlus, Why the Arcam FMJ CD23T ? The tray seems flimsy. Is it jitterless?
The Muse Model 9 Signature (version 4) is both an excellent DVD player, AND a damn fine CD player to boot. You won't need your stinkin' DAC, but go ahead and use it if you like. Muse has an upgrade program as well. If you have the bucks you could go right for the Model 11. I have no experience with that unit to speak of, but the 9 is excellent in all respects.

Linn Ikemi
I've heard a number of people rave about the Music Hall CD-25. Obviously, at $500 it is not trying to compete with the big boys, but I've heard only glowing praise so far.
Just purchased a CAL 2500 DVD player brand new for $850 to use as transport for Reimyo DAP-777. The main reason I purchased it was due to the excellent reviews as a transport from Wide Screen Review, and SGTH, the fact that it has a balanced digital output and the price was right. Haven't even hooked it up yet, will let you know.

BTW, the Reimyo is a killer DAC as discussed in 6moons review. Even with 50 cent patch cords before I inserted a HT digital cable it sounded great with great material. (Used Marantz SA-14v2 as the transport.) Will be giving a full review later.

Flimsy, really? Mine seems rock solid. It is a darn fine player and has HDCD. True, if you are going to use it as a transport, then you don't care about the Ring-DAC (which sounds good to my ears), but the chassis is very well made, quite solid, and well dampened throughout. There are probably cheaper options out there, but at $1,200 used, when you consider the build quality, HDCD capabilities, and good internal converters (if you ever need them), it seems like a worthy player to add to the list of possibilities.