Best transport for Music Fidelity 324?

I'm starting a new thread from the one yesterday. I'm currently running a Rotel 991 as my transport with this upsampler. Which transport would be a good match to use? My budget would be under 2 grand new or used. Your thoughts?
If you have a $2K budget, and a $1300 dac that can be resold for ~$900, why not opt for the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D CD player, for about $3K used, which is a world class cd player. It shares the same dac, and in turn many of the sonic characteristics of the MF A3 24 dac, but has a bigger power supply, the wonderful nuvistor tubes, a solid transport built ing, but one less upsampling crystal. You get this without the extra cost of cables and shelf space and you'll get a more aesthetically pleasing player as well. Just a thought, and I'm sure a $2K transport with that dac would sound amazing as well, but can't suggest any as you're out of my price/research range. Good luck!
To be honest I'd rather not spend 2 grand. Are there any for less that would improve over my Rotel?
Simple....Vecteur D2.2 new is $1290. If u can find used about $700 but it is the older model D2. These are hard to find new also, try You can also Email me for questions as I have been playing the transport game for a while.

Another suggestion is any and all CEC belt drives. Most liquid transports u can find, but has limitations in bass. The TL2X should go for $12-$1400, the 5100 about $700.