Best transport for $500.ooish

Hey my DVD player died today as we started to play some christmas music . I have been using this for a couple years and pushed off the buying a real transport as I have bought other pieces for my system. So need to find a transport/cd player in the $500ish price range . I have Maggies and an older Theta DA I am using so looking for something pretty neutral to warm sounding. Thanks for your thought!!!
Many believe the Oppo DVD universal players make good transports. I've never head one.

I'd look for a used: Sony DVP-7700ES, Pioneer PD-69, or Parts Connexion modded Music Hall CD25.2.
I didn't like the oppo as a transport only device (had the 970, now use the 983) and neither can compare to using a computer as a transport via a usb adapter IMO.
There are two Esoteric P-10s for sale here and at the risk of losing them myself I will tell you to go for one. It won't play DVDs though. Good luck.
A Theta Data Universal II. If your Theta DAC has the LaserLinque ATT output, try to find a Universal II with the ATT input.
Many Oppo players used at RMAF as transports and some as sources.
Most computers have very poor soundcards but some modded ones were also used as transports and sources at RMAF.
If you have an Ipod you could also go the Wadia iTransport direction and incorporate it with a nice DAC.
Cd players or ipods won't have the virus or data stream problems that a computer based system could have. This also keeps your music system and computer separate.
Oppo - why spend more