best transport for ... 2008?

So, "Goners. Wanted to update this (series of) old thread(s) from 2004. What's new? What's the best affordable transport for today's great DACs?

SACD support wins bonus points!
Well Soc, old chum, I'd be real interested in the new PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport. It's a memory transport that can hook to the internet, has great features and performance and is priced around $1500. It should be out in a couple of months if all goes as planned.
The best transport 2008? Well, is NO transport IMO. Rip your CDs to your laptop, get a "Spoiler" USB DAC from Empirical Audio and enjoy. Or if you want to save money and use your own DAC, get a Trends Audio or Hagerman USB/ AES/EBU converter, link it between DAC and laptop and let it rip with foobar. You'll be amazed.....
(I use Zanden and DCS transports by the way )
I switched to computer hard drives about 5 years ago and am thrilled with the results. The key for me was using an Empirical Offramp turbo 2 ( or Freeway 2).We are on the cusp of several new sampleing rates, many hi rez downloads, and free upsampler's. For 1k for the computer, $700 for the Freeway, and a couple hundred for a monitor, you are ready to play music now and future proof(almost) for later. Like to record your vinyl at 24/96, burn cd's for your car, transfer music to a second system, all no problem. We don't have to be limited to 16/44 anymore. Have fun!
iWadia under $400
plus iPod $300
im really interested in the perfect wave as well. I wonder if it will have digi coax out or just hdmi. In which case you y ou may need an hdmi dac. I think it will be a great offering if it can play flac from a hd.
the oppo 980 dvd-cd player is used in stereophile
also I have one modified with all top components and the best commercial clock the dexa clock for $800 and realy makes this a excellent transport and decent player if needed.