Best transformer for MC Denon 103R

I have a Cinemag now, but the highs, and sound stage just aren't there? Doesn't come close to my CD. Advise?
Something else is wrong, I have a Bob's Devices SUT and Denon 304, 103 and 110 and do not have this problem. I noticed a marked improvement in the soundstage and if anything a little too much highs, this was also the reaction of two other experienced listeners who were over last Sat. Had the 304 in my Scoutmaster using a Blue Circle 707 with and without the SUT. I did have the 103 in the 12.7 arm on my Aries and my reaction was the same. What arm and loading are you using? I got a sound like you described when I forgot to remove the loading plugs from the 707, if your phono stage has variable loading set it to 47K and see what happens. If it has switchable MC and MM try MM.
I'm using a Denon AU-S1 stepup for my Denon DL-S1 cartridge. Seems to work well and it iS designed by Denon for their cartridges.
There are many great stepup xfmr's out there. Your choices are only limited by one's budget.
Joe Nies
I have not tried any other stepups to compare to, but Jeffrey Jackson of Experience Music in Memphis, TN builds a terrific unit. I use it with my 103R and got significant improvements in detail and soundstage.
that sounds peculiar,,,,,, I happen to own a DL-103,usual disclaimers apply if you use a 103 "R". anyways I have used both the Denon AU-300 as well as a pair of Altec Peerless 4722 mic trannies,configured (with a toggle switch)for both a 38 ohm load as well as a 150 ohm load and while the Denon unit functioned well.... the Altec 4722's were head and shoulders above that, the whole audio spectrum is more "FLESHED OUT" and elaborate! nothing jumped out of place everything was just continuous more of a GOOD thing if you have to experience it for yourself... as Leman said "...significant improvements in detail and soundstage" HUGE improvements. And I'm sure some will say these don't even compare to the Custom jobs that Jeffrey Jackson makes...

you should consider, these babies can be had for < $300
The Cinemags are an excellent match for the 103. That's not the problem.

I see from a previous thread you have Sota Sapphire and Sumiko F4 arm. How did you mount the cartridge? What protractor did you use?

What phono stage are you using?