Best tracks to "show off" your system

I know there are certain songs that seem to bring out your system better than others.

which songs to you put on to show off your system to friends?

for me:
1. My love is - Diana Krall
2. Girl from Impanema - Getz/Gilberto
1.Track 8 from Jennifer Warnes - "The Hunter"
2.Title track fom The Well - Jennifer Warnes
3.Spanish Harlem from Rebecca Pidgeon's The Raven (spot on Jjwa and Boa2)
4.KD Laing's Hymns from the 49th Parallel
5.Patrica Barber - Summertime,Ode to Billy Joe (forget the albums).
6.Greg Brown - title track from The Poet Game.

Cheers and have a wonderful 2005.
I just remembered a good one...

"These Bones" - Fairfield Four

The vocal on this one is just downright erie. People at my house always freak out on this one.
Willie Nelson, accompanied (amazingly) by the Beach Boys on "The Warmth of the Sun" from Beach Boys & Various Artists, Stars and Stripes Vol. 1 (River North Nashville 1996) is a high-quality and emotive rendition...especially if you grew up listening to both artists. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is so-so.
Bjork - Homogenic

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights

Van Morrisson - Astral Weeks

Tom Waits - Heart Attack & Vine , Romeo is Bleeding

Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
Mel Torme, "Too Close for Comfort" from MT Swings Shubert Alley. Great recording from 1960. Mel's voice, the band's horns.

Carmen McRae, "Poor Butterfly" from Sarah: Dedicated to You. Starts a capella, textured and mesmerizing, then the band quietly fills in.

Helen Merrill, "Don't Explain" from Helen Merrill. 1956, and I know can't believe that the first time I heard her, I didn't fall in love.

Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah," from Grace. Mixed feelings about JB, but this sounds great. Vocals and guitar. "Last Goodbye," a rocker, also sounds great.

Steely Dan, "Gaslighting Abbey," from Two Against Nature. This may be cheating, since this sounds great on even so-so systems, but it sounds really great on a good one.

Alison Krauss, Live. I don't know which track -- how about "Lucky One." THis is the CD that convinced my wife that all this money had been worthwhile. You are at the concert, and what can you say about AK's voice?

Lucinda Williams, "Something about what happens when we talk" from Sweet Old World. Now, if you don't know LW, you must approach her first, I think, through her lyrics. But then once you know her, her voice is special and poignant. Kinda like Jimmy Scott, in a way (another recommendation I'll sneak in here - All the Way.)

Blind Boys of Alabama, "Run on for a Long Time," from Spirit of the Century. But don't miss their version of Amazing Grace.

Lyle Lovett, "Penguins" from I Love Everybody. You really could just play this track and leave it there, so far as showing off is concerned. Damn! WHile you're at it, play "I think you know what I mean" -- the opening drums.

Rachmaninov, Sonata no. 1, opus 28, allegro moderato, performed by Yakov Kasman. Do you realize what a textured instrument a piano should be? How dynamic?

Gerry Mulligan, "Just in Time," from What is There to Say? Something about GM's raspy baritone sax and Art Farmer's spitty trumpet. And just terrific jazz too.

Todd Rundgren, "Johnee Jingo" and "Honest Work" from A Cappella. Big, wide open vocals.

Finally (this could go on and on):
Bach, just start at the beginning, Sonatas and Partitas for Violin played on B-string Guitar, by Paul Galbraith. This guitar is, as I understand it, his invention, and goes deep more effortlessly than a standard classical guitar. You hear his breathing, which can distract but also makes the recording more intimate. And Back is THE peak, in my opinion.

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