Best Tonearm match for ZYX Airy 1000X

I am upgrading my system, ,slowly.

I am going with the (Zeeex)1000. It has a compliance rateing of 15. I am leaning towards the Graham 2.2 or the Origin Live Illustrious. Other arms may be suggested, but no linear tracking please. I like tweaking, but only with what I know.

-My J.A. Michell gyroDec [highly modified] will likely stay.
-Ear834P [modified by GreatNorthernSound] will also likely stay (100 Ohm).
-Placette Passive [no complaints so far](Wyetech Opal, Hovland, Cat?, as possible choices.)
-Canary 301MkII {300b PushPull using JJ Tesla Tubes} also no complaints.
-Acoustic Zen Silver ReferenceII/Satori Shotgun.
-ProAc Responce 2 (15 years old and they still sing)(If I upgrade it will likely be to the Coincident line???)

Both of those tonearms are great ones, and with the compliance rating of 15cu on the ZYX, I don't think you really have to worry about matching with either of them. Pick the one you like best.

If you want to split hairs, the OL Illustrious will likely provide better bass response, and the Graham may be a touch more liquid in the mids. I think the OL Illustrious will be significantly less money than the Graham, so that may tilt things in its direction.

I prefer the Illustrious because of its gimbal-bearing design, but it is very hard to find fault with a Graham 2.2. Either one will be an awesome sounding combination with that ZYX Airy.
Match it with the Illustrious and reduce me to envy! :-)
It works and sounds very good with the Graham Arm
Hello Bill,

give the Illustrious Signature a chance. You will be astonished. No doubt that it is the best solution compared to the Graham.
I owned a R100 ZYX cartridge for several years. Which was an excellent cartridge sonically. For years I used AirTangent's top-of-the-line tonearm with excellent results. But, for significantly less money, the ZYX sounded even better (just as lively in midrange, more of and more tuneful bass, more high freq extension, even more effortless transitions and--oh so realistic--in macro dynamics) when I used the Basis Vector tonearm. Due to this happy combination, I sold my AirTangent. Thus, I endorse the use of the Vector for your ZYX requirement.

Regarding your comment about tweaking if using a linear tracker. I can only speak about 2 models of AirTangent arms which I owned for over 10 years. These required no tweaking and almost no maintenance. They were a joy to own and use. But, as the Vector performs as well or better for significantly less $$$, what is the poiint of going this direction?
I have just returned from Applause Audio here in Toronto. Rob has Graham, SME, Origin Live, Rega and other arms in his store. He seams to love the RS Labs Uni-pivot arm best. It is also less expensive than most of the others.

Does anyone have any info on this arm?.
I will change my vote based on experience found since initially posting. The Graham will have a HUGE edge over the Illustrious in the mids and not too much difference in the lower end, IMHO.

If you match the 1000 with the 2.2, I'd love to hear a report of the results.

The RD is one arm that I have not auditioned but would like to do so.
Ah, so that's what replaced the illustrious!!
Oh, not so fast on those assumptions, Joe! :-)
Which would you prefer the Graham 2.2 or the Basis Vector ?
What arm would you put with a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum or a Shelter 901? I am waiting for my Teres 340 and have already bought the Koetsu and Shelter cartridges.
I own a Teres 245 with all the new mods. I have a Koetsu Roosewood signature, and I am using a Morch DP-6. The DP-6 works very well with Koetsu,and Shelter.
I have also used Denon and Ortofon Konta b with my DP-6
Cello, I look at it this way. I've now listened to both arms on a few different tables. Frankly, I think both arms are pretty much neck-n-neck. Given that the Graham is an easier and, IMHO, a more accurate setup AND assuming that at some point you might have occasion to contact the designer - the answer is a slam dunk. If you are deciding between the two - go for the Graham. It will cost a bit more considering it does not come with a phono cable - but the comfort of having Bob Graham standing behind the product is, in my mind, worth the cash.