Best Tonearm for Thorens TD-124.

I wonder what tonearm Art Dudley prefers to use with his TD-124. Mine is to be mounted on a solid plinth, with or without rubber mushrooms, I don't know yet. I'm thinking Ortofon 2M Black or Clearaudio Maestro cartridge. Anyone out there in Audioland with any suggestions? Thanks, GK
I am using an Ortofon SMG-212 tonearm from the late 50's with an Ortofon Silver Meister SPU cartridge..pure magic. You will however need to shell out big bucks for this particular setup.
Presently running a TD-124 mki with an SME 3012r and a Denon DL-103 with the Level 3 retip ifrom Soundsmith in a Uwe African ebony body. Pairs really well with my older Audio Research-based system. I also have a TD-124 mkii with an Ortofon RMG 212 and an Ortofon 90th Anniversary SPU. But that table needs a more sturdier plinth and I've been trying to troubleshoot a low hum and haven't been successful in eliminating it yet.

At some point, I hope to acquire a 12" Schick tonearm and pair that with the Ortofon SPU on the mki.
SME M2-9 works great with my td125.