Best Tonearm Cable Under 600.00

I am using the tonearm cable provided with my Origin Live 250 Silver Tonearm which is connected to a Black Cube with PWR Power Supply. Should the same brand recommended by you very knowledgeable fellow members for the tonearm cable be used between the Black Cube and my processor?
You'd be better of buying the new Graham Robin for $795, which comes with a cable better than that used in the Origin Live. Better arm, better cable, and probably within your budget if you sell your 250 and dedicate the proceeds toward the Graham.
I would take a serious look at the Hovland Music Groove 11, it retails for 795.00 but you should be able to find one used in your price range. They aren't much to look at but I find it one of the best phono cables available. Good luck.
Gthrush, the OL Silver 250 is NOT the regular OL modded RB250. It is a far better one than even that. Not only does it cost about the same as a Robin, but it performs midrange close to a 2.2 and has bass that rivals an SME V. I seriously doubt that a Robin could touch it. The OL Silver 250 has been reviewed as "possibly the best tonearm in the world right now", by the British Hi-Fi press. And that included the Graham 2.2 and SME V in the competition. Also, we must consider the cartridge to be used. A unipivot simply will not handle very low compliance cartridges well. If Johnny wants to use a DL103, or something like that, then his choice of the Silver Arm was very astute. But we are talking cables here, and the Silver 250 has a hard wired cable. There is a Cardas DIN connector kit available for the arm that would give him flexibility in changing cables. However, any plug is less good than a hardwired connection, so there is a trade off. I chose to keep the hardwired cable that came with the arm on my OL Silver 250. It sounds very good on my system. I have also heard that the Incognito total rewire kit for the OL arms is very good.
TG audio hsr is the best and very reasonable. Bob Crump is the maker