Best Tonearm Cable at Reasonable Price?

I recently acquired a Rega RB900 tonearm from a friend, and will be using it on my VPI HW-19 Mark 4 turntable. I'd like to upgrade the standard wiring in the tonearm. I'd appreciate suggestions, based on experience, regarding a good replacement tonearm cable that sells for $250 or less.
I have the 300 arm.I replaced with Cardas wire. What made the the original tone arm came with connectors;a three piece affair.The Cardas is a one piece out of the head shell.Don't know if the 900 arm is that way.The price a few years was 295
My RB-600 tonearm cable is hardwired to the arm,isnt yours? I think the cable supplied on the 600 and 900 is a very good cable with very good Neutric RCAs.You may spend alot of money and wish you had not.If it were me I would spend the money somewhere else.