best tommy record

anyone familiar with the classic label re-issue of tommy? thanks
Do you mean Tommy Tutone
the simple vinyl beats the pants off of the classic. the best is a good uk track but not every one is good and many are pretty trashed, and they can be expensive.
The Classic 200 gram is quite good though and I am happy with this. The Classic Quadrophenia left something to be desired, however, with its multiple groove potholes that sound like nails on a chalk board. And it quiet places too!

For that album the Back to Black pressing smokes Classic.
Polydor uk
The first japenese issue is great, the simply vinyl is almost as good
I agree with Rojo1955. If you can find the Japanese release it sounds the best, then the SV release. I have the 140gram Classic but have not listened to it yet. This is one of my fav records.
I have the Simply and it is a good reissue but I picked up a original
German Polydor pressing and its much better.