Best tiny speakers up to 1000 ?

Severe space limitations in room create need for speakers no more than 5.5" wide and 5.5" deep. Height not such a problem, as I can lay them on their sides. Currently using NHT Super Zero's. What can I upgrade to?
Wow, that's a tiny maximum size. I can definitely relate to building a system in a small space. I started with SuperZeros as mains many years ago. They're now my surrounds in a home theater system. For music I am using ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures, which are very good mini monitors that produce a big sound for such a tiny box. They were discontinued a few years ago, but do pop up on occasion here for about $800-$1000 used. However, they may still be too big for what you're searching for. They are approximately 11" tall, 6.5" wide and 8" or 9" deep. Will you be placing the speakers on a bookcase, shelf or is wall mounting an option? Wall mounting might allow for a deeper speaker. Hopefully someone else will have a better recommendation for you. Good Luck!
Linn Kan Mk II - tiny speakers, not ported (so they're made to go right up against a wall), and VERY musical. Hard to find. -Kirk
Check out the Acoustic Energy sub/sat system for $399, very small but very big, clear sound. Michael Fremer reviewed them in the March 2001 issue of Stereophile. Jeff at Value Audio ( sells them and gives a good rundown of their features if you call him. I am thinking of these for a small TV setup in a guest room. Apparently, you can plug a CD player or other source directly into the powered sub and have a complete system going.
Here's some more info to go on... Speakers are placed on a seven foot wide shelf above the kitchen windows, with about six inches of clearance to the ceiling and six inches of depth. Wife will not allow any other placement. Hey, it's only the kitchen, but I spend a lot of time in here since my home office is in here too.
Given your kitchen specs, I think Sc53's recommendation of the Acoustic Energy sub/sat system could be the winner. Very small and, well reviewed to boot. If that makes any difference.
Will your wife allow you to place a woofer under the dinner table?

I've recently bought Totem Mite and hooked them with audioadvisor offered wall mounts in my kitchen. Then I threaded speaker wires through the walls onto the living room where my main system is located and hooked 2 pair of my speakers through the DIY A/B switch.

My wife WILL NOT allow me to place a woofer under the dinner table or anywhere else in the kitchen period. So the monitor-woofer pleasure isn't available for me for now.
Good point about the sub Marakanetz. Was it difficult to run the wire through the walls?
...not at all difficult, Gunbei. You know what are modern walls are made of -- shit-rack. Just make sure you don't hid the beam or wiring. Get beam/metal seeker in advance.