best time/worst time to sell equipment

I was just wondering what everyone thinks is the best time to sell equipment and what would be the worst time of year. Cheers and Happy Holidays to all
Just before Christmas (December) is the worst time. Tax rebate months are the best (Feb -April)
June, July, August aren't so good either. But then again, it only takes one motivated buyer :~))
Come on, the best time to sell gear is when you need new gear!
Why is before Xmas worse? This is the time when folks are looser w/ cash flow..& are more willing to get that upgrade......Feb can go both ways, depending on the tax favor...I think the lull is Mar-May...spring when people get out more & spend less time on the computer due to dismall weather...but of course, those are my opinions, not factual statements, so please dont sue me.
The worst time is when you need the money for something else.
The best is early fall and the spring, the worst is summer. However all it takes is one buyer and I've had success all times of the year.
My best times have been February thru the end of April and October through mid November.
Really. Depends on the price!
Gear usually sells very slow just before Christmas as folks spend money on others and on gifts outside of audio. Peole are also busy with the events of the Holidays.

This is a general comment only based on my selling experience during the year. I usually hold off to after Christmas selling gear based on my past experiences. However if the price is right(lower than you want other months of the year) and the unit popular, it will sell.

I agree with Christmas. There are buyers, but who here would buy used gear as a present for someone? They are all buying new.

After the holidays.
People sometimes get $$ for Christmass.