Best thread poster for 2001?

Who is the best thread poster for 2001. There have been some great posts during 2001. There seem to about 20 to 25 people who do a lot of the posting. All seem to have a great love of audio and a lot on knowledge and respect for others opinions. My vote would go to cfb.
Cfb is a good choice, as is Sean, Albert Porter, Sugarbrie, Scott Campbell, Dekay...lotsa very knowledgeable folks who take time to help others and usually make less typing mistakes than I do. Happy listening in 2002 all!
Gosh that's a tough one, I agree with everyone listed so far and would also add Jtinn, Bob_Budnus, Angela100, Redkiwi(who has not been here much as of late) who are all super helpful. I could not narrow it down to less then 12 super individules who help so much and in so many ways, we have fun, we laugh, share information and disagree. But if I had to narrow it down to one I would have to go with CFB as well, he is like the audiophile father that I never had ;). They don't get any better then audiophiles! Happy New year,
I thought the guy who demo'd all those expensive and super-expensive (ie Valhalla) cables and then wrote lengthy, detailed comments on his impressions did a GREAT job, very informative. Was that Jtinn or someone else?
I think that we are blessed with a lot of very helpful and courteous individuals here. I feel honored to contribute amongst all of you and hope that you know this. Other than those already mentioned and you who have contributed to this thread, i'd like to mention our friends overseas Ken and Detlof, some Texan named Bob Crump and a multitude of others that share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. As mentioned previously, i too miss the contributions of RedKiwi. The diversity of ideas, experiences and points of view are what makes this a well rounded forum. Sean
please allow me to echo sean's excellent points. i, too, am honored to be a part of this forum and to share a bit of myself, as all who post here share of themselves. one important contributor to these threads and to the whole of audiogon, who so far's not been mentioned, is arnie chinta, a/k/a audiogon_arnie. he has had the patience, grace and good sense to allow these discussions to continue thru good times and bad this past year.

may 2002 be for all of us a better year than 2001. -kelly
I have to go with Kelly as well. Just when I least expect it, his twisted sense of humor drops me to the floor.

Tireguy: Thank you!

Sc53: I would love to take the credit for that, but I am pretty sure you are talking about Tekunda. I agree with you on the job he did, and I commend him as well.
I enjoy the honestry, the passion and the expertise....I have a lot to learn, and much I'll never understand. I really appreciate the chance to pick other peoples' brains. But mostly its the passion, the love of the music....but there are times I'm simply in awe. Everyone Sean mentioned I read. Yes, and Sean too. The viewpoints are food for thought. Happy new year. Here's to 2002. May it be even better than we may imagine.
Agree with all the above nominees. Have to add Sdcampbell to the list. Besides making well thought out, articulate contributions in general, his incredible input to the thread "Jazz Recommendations" (surely a Hall of Fame thread) alone make him a candidate.

We're fortunate to have all of these guys (and gals).
I don’t have a favorite to post because you all have been so helpful to others and myself. I have learned sooo much by reading in all the forums. I spend a lot of time going through all the forums so I don't waste your time answering the same questions over and over. I sincerely thank all of you for the patience and very helpful information. I know it has saved me a lot of money and heartache.

May we all get more toys in 2002 and learn how to hide our receipts better. (OUCH)!
Happy New Year!
Sean - To the most well rounded knowledgable man to post on this forum; you teach us less knowledgeble folks much especially concerning the technical matters relating to audio.

CFB - for his wicked sense of humor (I do appreciate your way with words Kelly, you must be Irish, Right?)

Detlof - For your strong sense of knowing what constitutes well reproduced audio to your ears yet your thoughtful well meaning and encouraging words of support for all. Even when you disagree you do so with such grace.

SD Campbell - Your personal knowledge and passion for Jazz inspires us all who love this musical art form.

Albert Porter - Through time and experience the system above all others on this forum I would love to listen to especially when the room is completed. Geez he even had a thread devoted to this very topic.

There are MANY other posters that I value equally and although I mention the above it has more to do with their continuing and prolific contribution to this site. Their time and committment is admirable.

What has impressed me so much over the past year is how this forum has become much more helpful for all audiophiles and music lovers in improving their systems. It has been a year of growing for Audiogon and great credit should be given to Arnie and all the AG folks for having to make the tough choices and making them work towards a better more useful site. I wouldn't be where I am without ya'll. Thanks.

Will (the reluctant audiophile, I just HATE the word)
Summer holidays, and I am returning to this old haunt to find the same (mainly) bunch of crazy characters are still here. What's more they remember me!

This really is a fantastic site. I have met here some wonderful people, and several of them have been very helpful to me in one way or several - Jadem6, Dekay, Brulee, Albertporter, Sdcampbell, Garfish, Sean, Caterham1700, Slawney, Gregm, Lak, Sedond, Megasam, Subaruguru, .......
Thanks for the nice words, guys. It's been a privelege to be a regular participant on this forum, and it has brought me a lot of pleasure during the past year. Although I've never met any of you personally, I feel as though I know many of you. I noted in a post I made earlier today that I lost my job on December 31st, so I guess I'll have more spare time to plague all of you with my comments . I have a couple of posts I've been working on about jazz -- and I'll try to get them posted by this coming weekend. My votes for "best poster" would have to be based on choosing those people who have really expanded my own knowledge. There are lot of worthy nominees, but my "tip of the hat" goes to Sean, Albertporter, Dekay, Garfish, and Sugarbrie. And on a purely personal note, I'd also like to thank Joe Trelli for the personal E-mails he has sent me this year. I look forward to sharing our hobby during the New Year.
It's pretty obvious who the heavyweights are after spending some time here. On a personal note I don't know where I'd be with out the lot of you. Keep up the good work in 2002. Best wishes to all and thanks for the memories! Words can't describe how much fun I've had the last year at this web-site.

One last thing to clear the slate. I would like to apologize for any comments I made last year that were offensive especially one or two comments to jeffloistarca. Sometimes I don't know when to quit.
I really enjoy 99% of the posters @ this site (what a bunch of nutty butties:-), but my hat goes off (it's and "Iowa" cap actually) to Richard of Vantage Audio and Ken of Greater Ranges/Neuance for their invaluable advice that has always been spot on.
Wish my memory for names was better, so I'll just thank you all for helping me navigate my way to building a reference system that is continuing to change my life.
I hit 1/2 century this year, and am seeing my tiny used-Subie business drop precipitously as many folks are lured by low-interest schemes for new cars, so I'm trying really hard to give myself permission to let go of the grindstone a bit and both listen to music (live as well) and pound my Steinway more. I bought sheet music for all of the Beethoven variations, sonatas, and even the Liszt etudes (what masochism!) while on vacation last week. Should keep me busy at least past the end of the two-channel era, eh?
Thanks especially to Ken, Sugarbrie, RedKiwi, Sean, Kelly, BobC, and a multitude of others in our menagerie.
A Better 2002 to All! Ernie
Thanks so much for the kind words, Sdcambell. However, I think that you are the generous one, in terms of passing along e-mails. I have a lot of gratitude for the diverse subject matter and viewpoints you share with me(and others). Also, your audio acumen is a model for all. In my mind, a person who can seek out the brands that offer such high value and fantastic sound as Bryston, HomeGrown Audio, Kimber, and Vandersteen represents someone who should be emulated.

My thanks also to the many GOOD friends I have made during my time here.

A short list of people who REALLY deserve some recognition(in my mind) for all they have contributed here: Albertporter, Asa, Brulee, Carl_eber, Dekay, Ehider, Eldragon, Garfish, Ikinat, Leafs, Sdcambell, Sean, Sedond, Sutts, Swampwalker, Tom_nice, Tubegroover...(the list goes on - I know I am forgetting some great people)
Rivercitylad, this is a wonderful thread you have started. I didn't want to respond because I know I am going to leave someone off my list as Trelja stated.
Cornfedboy, you have given me many laughs. You can be a bit salty but I know you have a heart of gold. I read all your posts so I know what I am talking about. Pops, Jtinn, Kitch29, Dekay, Sutts, Garfish, Subaruguru, Caterham, Wellfed, kalan, Leafs, and all those mentioned above. My best friend Jcbtubes has given more than I can ever repay. With the exception of Jcbtubes I have not met any of you. Yet I feel a strong friendship with all. Trelja and Rmml have been as good as friends one can find. Thanks to all the old regulars and the new. My MVP (most valuable posters) has to go to Redkiwi and Caterham. Thanks to all of you and to the Audiogon staff.
My vote goes for in no particular order... Albert, Cornfed, Redkiwi, Sean, Dekay, Angela, Subaruguru and lot's more which I can't remember off the top of my head. Many thanks to all of you for making this site what it is... great.
I've learned the most from Albert,Kelly and Dud Sedond
I echo Ken Lyon and the others listed above. Special thanks to Albert Porter, a true gentleman.
Mommy Mommy THEY'RE BACK!!!Thunders I want you to know that I was seriously going to nominate Lemmy as the best poster last year, but was to afraid people would look at me funny. It's about time you joined in, I trust "THE KUB" Is lurking in the wings. Welcome back, I'm grinning already.
It really is great to hear (see?) something from those who have been MIA. I have seen a very good balance of fun and info develop over the last few weeks and would like to give a special thank you to Arnie and all of the invisible A'gon gnomes for a great site!
Hey. Well…I know I don’t post here anymore but when thunders told me that I won this highly coveted award I felt obliged to grace the pages and humbly accept the honor. (I did win, right? It’d be so embarrassing if Thunders had been joking.)

Some news: I mentioned this at audioasylum a few months back and will take the opportunity to mention it here … dear old Thunders recently passed his bar exam! This is why the loudmouth has been so quiet. (Lemmy failed miserably, btw.) Thunders passed the bar in Kabul which may not seem like a big victory on the surface until you realize that Thunders is a woman. Ha! Yet another one we Americans pulled over on the Taliban. Fortunately, besides being blessed with a mind like a tack Thunders is blessed with big bones, a strong chin and a rather perplexing degree of facial hair.

There is a reason I mention this here and now. Thundie and I are teaming up in a class-action suit against Audiogon and Audioasylum. We feel the time is right in the US for this and we want to strike while the iron is hot. The way we figure it $400 is about correct for the normal American to spend on a personal stereo system. Any money each of us has spent over $400 is because of places like Audiogon enticing us into this ridiculous hobby. Add to that lost wages for time spent online and opportunity costs (how many of us may have started a financial advising company or something with that extra time?) Yes folks, the money is there and it’s BIG. (Oh, and judging from the number of Xtra large T-shirts ordered at the asylum I think many of us should think about joining in with the fast-food class action suit.) If you want to be added to the More-Helpless-Americans list send all info to address below:

Ms. J Thunders, Esq. and Cert. Beautician
3rd Cave from the bend in the road (formerly 102nd Cave from the bend in the road)
Kabul, USA

P.S. I do still from time to time read the forums at audiogon and my vote for best poster is EVERYBODY. There are literally dozens of people I’ve learned something from and I’m always humbled by the thoughtful answers to often-thoughtless questions you people take the time to hammer out for the good of strangers. I’m still having fun, albeit quietly. Thanks.