Best Thread on Audiogon?

There are many! What is/are yours?
Any thread by Redkiwi.
David99's, Who are you. Many, many more will come to mind when i recover it. More to come later.
Most Aching Beautiful Music--that's what the hobby is all about.
Best music to have sex to. Was that a thread? Should have been. For future reference.. peace, warren
Audio related I agree with Rcprince, great thread with lots of answers. Not audio related, the thread about the best beer in the world, had no idea there were so much good beer out there. Good beer is like a fine wine, you don't forget the good ones. I have not read them all, I am sure there are many more.
The best was "How to keep the cat from sleeping on my power amp"
I love almost all Music threads and since I'm onto electronics and DIY I love Tech Talks as well.

Hey, Warren!

Don't try to do "critical listening" or adjust a "sweet spot" while listening and having sex...
Oh, I don't think Warren has to worry about all that, long as he has "pinpoint imaging."
It's the breadth, width, and deepness (AND texture) of my soundstage that truly comes alive with the right music, and, of course, the perfect sweet spot.
I'm with Brulee. #1 has gotta' be David99's "Who Are You" thread. The threads about Blues, R&R, and other music I like are favorites too, including my own "All time favorite Love Song", and "Music for Tough Times". Redkiwi is also one of my favorite posters and he helped/inspired me while installing a dedicated AC system. But there are many, many excellent threads that I've enjoyed and learned from. Audiogon is great! Cheers. Craig
I've only been on Audiogon for about a year now, but I'd have to say that I particlarly enjoy the music threads as I've been able to get so many wonderful reccommendations from them. In that vein I just checked out Rcprince's vote, Most Achingly Beautiful Music, and there is a treasure trove of references there. I've also been really enjoying participating in a recent thread, as well as reading the many articulate responces it has elicited: Getting rid of your CD player.
My favorite has been: "Time coherence how important-and what speakers?". Speaker designers for Joseph Audio and Green Mountain shared there expertise without pulling any punches. Refreshing and enlightening.
I also loved the achingly beautiful music thread and had forgotten about it. Just went back to check it to find that it's still quite active. The latest post was last week. This thread began in July 2000(!) so we're pushing three years here. I wonder what the record is? I would also love to download the complete thread for reference purposes - as someone said, it's a great source of new music. Anybody know how to do this? Audiogon??
To Marakanetz:

Hi, Mark. I noticed that you made a post to this thread, so I decided to try to contact you via this posting. I have sent you a number of E-mails over the past 2 months regarding the Han-D-Mag tape head demagnetizer unit you bought from me, but which was returned to me by the USPS because they could not deliver the unit to you.

Please contact me ASAP to let me know if you still want the demag unit. If you do, then please contact me with your current mailing address. If you no longer want the demag unit, I'll be glad to return your purchase price for the unit. Either way, I'd like to get this resolved.

Thanks, and best regards.

Scott C-
I liked the thread that was about "Best Song Titles".
It's got to be the "Guard Defense Against a Bear" thread. Oooopps, that was from the Underground Mixed Martial Arts forum.
Analog vs. Digital....NOT!!!!!!!!
tough to pick just one- but I have recently enjoyed 'Personal Amp Evolution'
It takes many fine threads woven together to create a sturdy and beautiful fabric...
Ah, Z, the ubiquitos, metaphore.....

Honorable mention to the thread where the guy asked a question, then answered it and asked himself out for a drink. Not sure I ever laughed so hard on Audiogon. Classic!!!

And, one more that was funny was the "Components Reveal Your Personality" or something like that thread. Don't forget about Blue Circle and cheese.
This one. Now and forevermore. By default.
The best one I heard was " So, what are you listening to"?