Best Thread in Audiogon.

I am just curious about which thread have you liked more in this site and why. It can be because it is interesting, entertained,constructive,helpful,polemic,etc..
I have gained the most (as far as not frittering away money) from the "Shelf Material" and "Isolation Components" threads. The variables involved in this type of tweak can not only be mind boggling, but quite expensive as well and the shared experiences helped me to zero in on what I feel may be the best route to take given my priorities. I am still working on the setup, but will be back to the threads when I am finished. Second but still tops are the "music" threads that have allowed me to select new and previously unheard of material as I do not sample from the Internet. Most threads though are entertaining and/or informative.
Hi Kareoke; Audiogon is a large diverse community of individuals with a common interest, but only connected via the internet. I like the "Who R U" thread where we have an opportunity to get to know a little more about each other.

I keep going back to that thread to meet the new people, and to refresh my memory (which is getting pretty short) about some who have been posting for quite awhile. That particular thread makes the rest of the forum a little more personal-- and friendly. Thanks to David99. Cheers. Craig.
'tube amps with big balls' was kinda fun!
Thanks Craig! I wouldnt have had the guts to start it without having you to blame if I had been attacked for starting such a personal thread :)... Im glad "our" thread is so popular....
Not trying to stroke my own ego or anything but I really enjoyed my thread entitled "speaker fetish" a lot of laugh's in the this up tight hobby, then again it is hard to pick a favorite there are so many greats:-)Tim
My favorite was the recent "To Sub/ Or Not". As good as it gets. / As a former sub nay sayer; got one and love it Thanks, Sugarbrie;the dominate influnence for me.
From a "fun" point; Tireguy's "speaker fetish". As Fun as it gets!!
Personally, I found Sean's thread on the Radio Shack SPL Meter corrections to be the most informative and educational. By far. For entertainment, there are just so many that I cannot narrow it down so well. SORRY. Basically, if I see Albertporter, Brulee, Carl_eber(posthumously), David99, Eldragon(wish he posted more), Garfish, Jcbtubes, Kitch29, Leafs, Rcprince, Sdcampbell, Sean, Sluggo(where'd he go?), Sugarbrie, Tml2 Tubegroover, etc.(apologies to those I have stupidly neglected to mention) in a thread I am instantly curious. Enough to read through all that is there. Thanks to all of you! Sheepishly, I have to admit(I know I am going to get killed for this one) that I also enjoy a good fracas here and there. One of those knock down, drag out wars we sometimes get into here.
I would add Detlof's "What is Musicality", to the above... previous posts having spared me the dire task of choosing only one. Thank you, Kareoke, Dekay, Tireguy, Trelja for directing my attention to threads I did not know (being relatively new to A-gon).

Along with the ones mentioned above, I'm a big fan of the "Most Achingly Beautiful Music" and other threads talking about best performances of musical pieces; a lot of information and suggestions I've enjoyed tremendously. Also the Music Trivia and Who R U threads have been fun. Finally, even though it cost me some money, I found the Koetsu thread very helpful and, since I got one, musically rewarding.
I liked "Most achingly beautiful Music", which I struck upon only now, best and also found the arguments on cabling generally interesting , before they became as monotonously repetitive as vindictive. I learnt a lot , thanks Gregm, in "What's Musicality", so I liked that too....cheers and thanks to all!
Polemic you say? "Are audiophile obssessive nuts?" if I remember the title correctly. Talk about a hornet's nest!
I feel the same way as garfish. I also keep refering to that thread. Don't feel bad Garfish about the short memory. betcha yours is better than mine. I also agree with Dekay, I felt this was some of the best information on this topic with so many contributers. Shouldn't David99 get some kind of an award for most posts on a thread?
Award??? Im just lucky I haven't been booted out of here yet!!
You keep up your lip you will be out of here buddy! ;) Bravo Dave I have tried to create long threads and I just can't break 100(I don't think) replies.
used cables $7500. are they joking? is well worth reading every post.Laughed so hard my eyes watered. Hilarious! Great stuff!