Best Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony Recording

What is the best sounding (including performance) recording of Tchaikovsky’s 6th symphony? Right now my favorite is the Berliner Philharmoniker conducted by Kirill Petrenko. 
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The Mravinsky with Leningrad Philharmonic on DGG 1960 is unsurpassed as a performance, no question about it. But the recording quality is somewhat crude.
The Giulini with the Philharmonia Orchestra on UK columbia is from the same period, but with much better sound and also a magnificent performance. A more 'modern' recording (around 1980, still analog) I can recommend is Ashkenazy (on Decca, also the Philharmonia).

+1 for the Pierre Monteux/Boston Symphony on Living Stereo.
But will give the Mravinsky a listen!
I remember the Mravinsky 4,5 and 6 sounding much better on LP.
I recently streamed them and was surprised at how grainy they sounded.
But, I do think they are one of the better versions performance-wise.
Curentzis isn’t entertaining, like that flashy woman you meet a bar, but would be hard to take as a regular partner.  I enjoyed the Kiril Petrenko who really takes a bit of a conservative view, but again I’ll state a preference for Bychkov in terms of striking the right balance between excitement without feeling like it is going to become unhinged.  These 3 recordings seemed to arrive at the same time so I tend to compare them