Best Tannoy speakers with $4000 Budget


I have been searching for speakers for about a year. Speakers I like so far:

Devore Nines
Tannoy Kennsington SE

With my budget I will most likely have go the used route. My Amp is a Pathos Twin Towers. Afer hearing the Tannoy, I was blown away. Have been trying to learn about older Tannoys. What would be the best old or new Tannoy used or new at $4000?
I have a pair of 15" Gold HPD for sale here on Audiogon. They are special but not perfect. Email and I'll be glad to tell you my experience.

My audio pal has a beautiful pait of Glenair 15's he got under your budget. If I had to advice on one thing they need IMO it would be a super tweeter to get them sounding as I wish but you may differ.
I owned a Pathos TT and loved it but found it to be very speaker dependent. Make sure you can audition whatever you decide to buy WITH the Pathos before committing.
Will do, very good advice. Thanks!

The way I got back into Tannoys was to purchaase a used pair of HPD 315 drivers from Ebay UK. I had custom 150 liter cabinets @200lbs. (each) made for them, and did the assembly and internal wiring myself. I have since upgraded the crossovers with custom outboard units with much better parts than the originals, and lastly, I have replaced the woofer cones with new "hard edge" surrounds. These are perhaps the finest sounding speakers I have heard, certainly the best I have owned, which includes $9000 pair Dynaudios. My investment is around $4000 for the pair. I invested much time, as well, in building the crossovers, wiring the internals, etc; but it was well worth the effort. I would do it all over again. These will spend the rest of my life with me, with no regrets.

An option to consider, if you are up to it.

Hi Dan,

What a cool suggestion! I could very well be up to it.

What would be a fair price for the HPD 315 drivers? Do you ever notice a congested sound when listening to more complex classical music? Myself and others have heard an occational problem with tannoys handling complex music. I heard it when listeing to the Kensington SE driven by 20 watt per channel shindo gear. But other than that, I was in love with this sound. On the flip side, if this s a charactoristic of Tannoys in general, I may need to go a different route.

Could you send some pictures of your cabinets? Would love to see. What kind of amp is driving your HPD315s?

Thank you!