Best table in $1500 range

I'm in the market for a turntable in the $1500 range, I'm leaning toward the VIP Scout. Any other suggestions? Thanks
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I am an analog newbie for sure, but with the science behind antiskate, other manufacturers' incrementally adjustable compensation devices, and the fact that you can measure it, just "eyeballing" it by twisting a wire is sorta strange- but then again, people seem to like the arms...

Bottom line, if you decide to go with the Scout TABLE, you don't have to use their Arm.

The Rega Arm is the Glock of the Audio World- there is a whole industry of people making a living from developing improvements to it.

Is it perfect?
I know very little about analog, but from owning one for a few months, I can absolutley say, No, it is not.

But it is a cheap arm, that is reliable, is of good quality, and it is highly upgradeable.

You know, it is a available as stock on the Michell tables...

good luck
KAB modded Technics 1200, without a doubt.

If you have any DIY in your body you should look at the Audiogon thread about "Building a High End Turtable At Home Despot". Find a Goldring GL75 for $100 or less, build a solid plinth for it ($50), put an Origin Live Rega 250 arm on it ($400) and a Denon 103D ($250), or an equivalent Ortofon cartridge, and you have one hell of a TT at about half of the price you were thinking about. I'm selling my heavily modified Linn LP12 (I have about $2,000 in it, without arm) after putting an OL Rega on my GL 75 and the Koetsu Black. The Goldring is so damn ALIVE and dynamic.

All the best

I've lived with an OL Silver (highly modded RB250) for nearly a year now. It's mounted on a table and cartridge that are really much too good for it, yet it's held its own fairly well. I think Gthirteen characterized it nicely.

A Rega is not the best arm in the world, but neither is a JMW-9. They have quite a different mix of strengths and weaknesses, so they probably work and sound quite different too. The JMW's antiskate "adjustment" is one of HW's better jokes, but adjusting VTA on a Rega with most of the aftermarket collars is even worse (Pete Riggle's VTAF and the Teres adjuster solve that however). Of course there's no decent VTA adjustment on the JMW-9 either. Sigh...

If fit and polish are the deciding factos the JMW wins hands down. Just make sure you stick with medium compliance cartridges. If you like the sound of lower compliance cartridges like Denons, Shelters and Koetsu's, I'd follow Twl's theory and go for a Rega. I've heard my 901 on unipivots that are well above a JMW-9, and they don't cut it.

Choices, choices...
I own a scoutmaster w/ jmw9 arm. And let me tell you, the antiskate adjustment is no big deal and works great. I was skeptical as well, thinking that four thin wires could do the trick, the force necessary to keep the tone arm from flying toware the middle is so small that those wires are very capable of keeping enough force. The other thing is, that anti skate on a lot of turntables is offset by a weight hanging from a string, and is not adjustable at all. The VPI team, through listening to alot of different methods, determined that the best "sound" came from no weight, using a heavier tracking force, and if necessary, putting an extra twist on the wires. anyway just wanted to throw that in, the scout and scoutmaster are awesome turntables, more like works of art, that sound fabulous !!!