Best table & arm combo for $10K

After many years of being away from vinyl I am jumping back in feet first. The number of wonderful choices is overwhelming. Comparing all these tables would be next to impossible. So I would appreciate any feedback from both good and bad experiences. I have set a budget of around $10,000 or less for the table and arm.

Considerations -in no particular order
Clearaudio Maximum Solution with Graham 2.2
VPI TNT HR-X with JMW 12.5
SME 10 with matching arm
SME 20 with IV.Vi arm
Basis 2500 (vacuum) with Graham 2.2
Basis Debut MKV (no vacuum) Graham 2.2
Teres 255 with Graham 2.2 –interesting DYI table
Sota Cosmos (vacuum) with Graham 2.2
Kuzma Stabi Reference with Graham 2.2
Schue Premier MKII 80 MM Platter with Graham 2.2

I doubt that more than a few audiophiles, except maybe professional reviewers, has any first-hand, personal experience with more than 2 of these high-end turntable / tonearm combos. I have heard only two of them: the VPI TNT-V (although not the "Hot Rod" version) with JMW-12.5 arm, and the Basis Debut with Graham 2.2 arm. Unfortunately, this involved two different listening sessions that were months apart in separate systems, so there was no A-B comparison, and the long-term audio memory is not always reliable. Having said that, I think I preferred the VPI over the Basis, as the VPI had a slightly richer tonal balance to my ear.

Based on the equipment reviews I have read in various audio mags over the past 2 years, I think you would be well served by any of these four setups:
1. Clearaudio Maximum (terrific German engineering) with Graham 2.2 (some argue this is the best unipivot arm today);
2. VPI TNT ("Hot Rod" or regular "V" version) with the JMW 12.5 arm (Harry Weisfeld continues to build turntable systems that offer both high performance and high value);
3. Basis 2500 (there are advantages and disadvantages to vacuum hold-down which you need to consider) with Graham 2.2;
4. Kuzma Stabi Reference (an incredibly solid TT) with Graham 2.2 or other high-quality arm.

I have had no direct experience with SME turntables or arms, and will thus leave commentary on these fine units to others.
I personally own the SME 30 with IV.Vi arm. It is among the finest I have ever heard and I have experience with all the tables you mentioned other than the Schue and the Teres.

My experience with Clearaudio, VPI left me very wanting. The Basis Debut is very nice, but I would have to say the SME Model 20 might be the ticket. I urge you to try and listen to one. The construction is amazing and most US manufacturers are quite a bit behind SME. The most important factors are vibration (isolation) and noise control. VPI does not address these issues too well. Basis is better at it and SME has it down.

The Kuzma and Sota are interesting but when I heard them, I had no reference point with regards to the rest of the system.

I also recommend avoiding the Graham arm. Uni-pivot is a very flawed design (terrible wobble) and although Bob Graham has made the most of it, the Gimbel arms are quite a bit better. For arms, I would consider an SME or Tri-planar on any of the tables you have mentioned.

Good luck on your journey.
I would highly recommend the Teres 255 TT. I feel it will compete with or beat any other table you listed, and do it for about 1/4-1/3 of the price. Also, the Teres 255 is readily available as a completed table, so there doesn't have to be any DIY involved.

I also would say that the Origin Live tonearms should be on your list, as they will do at least as well, and IMO better than any arm you listed.

I have some agreement with Jtinn about arm selection. I, too, am a gimbal-bearing arm proponent. Triplanar is also a very good one, as he mentioned.

If you must have a unipivot, the Graham 2.2 is about the best of them.

I feel you should not choose a tonearm, unless you are sure about the types of cartridges you plan to use. Arms are not universal in this regard, and it is important to plan the arm/cartridge matchup for best results.
Go for the Teres table with the Schroder arm. I like it better than the Graham and the Triplanar both of which I owned. This will run you about $5600 with the Schroder 1 and spend the rest on phono section and cartridge.
I heard the clearaudio's next to the SME 10. I Liked the sme better, blacker background, more dynamics, stonger bass foundation. Then I bought the sme 20 with arm. The 20 is a order or magnitude quieter. The better arm helps really in all areas. The only weakpoint is you'll need to buy a better arm cable to keep up with the table. I'm using the Graham ic50 right now-it's reasonable and pretty good. I'd like to try the hovland cable next.
If it were up to me I'd get the SME. It's a complete system design with great execution.
J.C. La Platine Verdier.