Best system under 5K - that is a challenge

Describe the best system you could put together for under $5K (new) - used you just have to be a good scavenger and $5K because it would be challenging. What criterion did you use in putting it together? Why did you choose the brands you mention?
First off, you didn't mention weather your doing 5.1 or just 2 channel. Second, you didn't say whether your mostly movies(if applicable) or music, or vice versa. Also, and at least as important, DESCRIBE THE ROOM IT'S GOING IN, AND ANY LIMITTATIONS TO THE SET-UP(i.e,where the speakers must go, or chairs, etc, if applicable)!!! This last one is the most overlooked, and most poorly planned and executed emlement(s) of a great sounding/performing system!(as room/set-up is easily over 50% off the overall sound).
Also, if music is the key here, do you listen to mostly hard rock, occasional classical, altrnative, etc,what?!
If you can be more specific, they may be some hope...let us know..Audioalexander
You also should specify whether you want CD only, analogue only or both. Also do we need to include a tuner, tape-deck, etc.
I am a grand over budget already, but I choose the ARC CD3 with a Grado headphone amp and RS-1 phones. You can't beat having a great source, and the Grado set up will let you hear it. I could have gone for speakers if ARC still made the CD2($3500)VS. the CD3($5000).With the CD2,and Sound Dynamics RTS3's($200 from Audio Advisor),I still would have $1300 left for an amp and wire.I would look into some roughly $1000 tube integrated amps like the Jolida or the Antique Sound Labs. My point is if your source sounds bad, you can't dig your self out. Think about $3500 speakers run by $1500, worth of electronics. That could be real nasty!
Ha, Ha...! My nephiew just asked me to build him a 2ch system with just only $500. what's more challenging?
For $500 all you could do is hunt for a super price on a CD player, integrated amp, and then, to really pick up some gains for the money, build some 2 way kit speakers.

On the original thread, it didn't even specify how many sources, but my amp and speakers were $1,500 each new(Biro L/1's/Van Alstine Fet/Valve 350hc hybrid tube/ss amp), my preamp a little under a $1,000 (Van Alstine hybrid), my DAC $1,000, plus a Parasound transport for $200 on closeout. Breaks the bank a little, but I've loved it for 5 years now. My Fanfare tuner is nice too but not included, and I'm using some old runs of Kimber 4PR I've had laying around for years. The Fet/Valve's don't care what cable is on'em, they just plow right through it. I've got some jon risch DIY room treatments too, another $50.
Whether it is two channel, 5.1, 7.1, analogue or digital source is up to you. I am looking to see the selection criteria and the constraints imposed by a $5K budget. This would open up the field of suggestions for multiple applications - the kind of question that may reveal a great diamond in the rough!! You may also suggest different system changes for different music - BOTTOM LINE, IT IS UP TO U!!!
Used Revel F-30's ($2200, Bryston 4B-ST($1400)used, Toshiba SD-9200 DVD($600.00)new, $800 left for a pre-amp and wires..............or..........Musical Fidelity integrated with B&W 805's and $1000.00 CD.
Salsero, nobody who is a member of Audiogon pays full retail for their equiptment. Also, with mainstream electronics their is a difference between "street price" and "retail price." Furthermore, most dealers give some type of a discount or "throw" in something like cables. Anyway, I'll take the bait:

Coincident Victorys 4,600.00*

Antique Sound Labs Wave mono amps 200.00

Sony CDP with output level control 150.00-200.00 (see below)

2 feet of the best speaker cable you can get for 50.00

(*maybe Coincident will give you 2 feet of their CST since you paid full retail for their speakers, if they do beg for an IC too, otherwise use what came with the CDP!)
Buy all used here on 'Gon.Used Cary intergrated,B&W 805's or half a dozen other $2K-2.5K list monitors/floorstanding and a Rega P3 and Sony SACD333.
$1K (give or take)for sources,$1750 for intergrated($3K list you can get it for that price.This is an amzingly good value 80wpc tubes what more do you need?),and $1500-2K for your speakers depending on where your tastes lay (bass vs.not etc).Might even be able to buy a brand new Cart with leftover.Save on cable budget at first then get something sensible like Kimber when you want to ice your $5K cake.Oh and if you go solid state or don't play loud and have a smaller room Maggie 1.6's are an amazingly good deal and can be gotten new for $1600.A quick responding sub like a Vandersteen ($750 used)can augmnent it latter.Five grand will buy a killer system.
I am using an NAD S500 CD player C160/C270 Pre-amp/Amp with Vandersteeen 2 Ce Signature speakers and it sounds pretty darn good to me.
Marakanetz - Was given the same ($500) challenge by my good friend a couple of years ago. $100 Thorens (forget the model number), $100 used inexpensive Polk monitors, $300 Fischer 100B integrated (post Fischer Doc). (Of course we went over budget with the Grado green cart and I had to give him speaker cable for his birthday, but the system sounds pretty good for the money).
I recently put together a system for a friend based on info gleaned here, from friends and AA, attempting to get the biggest bang for the buck. Ended up with Maggie MMG's, NAD C-370 integrated (both new) and a used Arcam Alpha 7. Total cost about $1200. I set it up Mon night for her, and nearly defecated in my pants when I fired it up it was so good. Speakers and amp brand spankin new right out of the box this little system sounded glorious, dynamic, great stage, beautiful midrange and highs, and the biggest surprise of all, pretty damn good bass. I've had/heard systems that cost many multiples of this that didn't sound this good.
Okay Salsero:

You want me to put together what I think is the best possible system I can put together for about $5K that is a challenge??

Okay then Salsero, you're on!!!!!!!

Let's see here:

Speaker System: Vandersteen 2Ce (early production model -- 1993-96..... stands included) -- $900.00 (used).

Power Amplifier: McCormack Power-Drive DNA-0.5 -- $600.00 (used).

Preamplifier: McCormack TLC-1 (buffered version) -- $500.00 (used).

DVD/CD/SACD Player: Sony DVP-S9000ES -- $600.00 (used).

Jitter Reduction System: Theta TLC + High Current Power Supply (to be used between the Sony DVP-S9000ES and the Theta Chroma DAC) -- $250.00 (used).

D/A Converter: Theta Chroma (for Redbook CD Playback) -- $300.00 (used).

Phono Stage: Monolithic PS-1 + HC-1 Dual Mono Phono Stage + High Current Power Supply -- $425.00 (used).

Turntable/Arm System: Rega Planar 25/Rega RB600 -- $800.00 (used).

Phono Cartridge: Grado Reference Sonata -- $500.00 (new).

Interconnect Cables: MITerminator 2 and MITerminator 3 -- Free (used...... I already own these, and I find them to be EXTREMELY trustworthy....... so therefore, I am going to cheat a little bit and use the cables I already own...... so acquiring these will not cost me anything).

Speaker Cables: MITerminator 2 -- $185.00 (new....... I would sell my existing "single-wire" pair to recoup some of the cost and upgrade to the "bi-wired" ones so that I can "bi-wire" the Vandies).

Power Conditioning: Monster Cable HTS2500 -- Free -- (used...... I am going to hold on to my power conditioner too).

Actually, this was the system that I also considered building five years ago before I decided to go ahead and started building my current system. Only during that time, the original 1997 system was going to feature a Pioneer Elite PD-65 as my CD Player, and then I was going to combine it with the Theta Jitter Reduction System and DAC that is stated above. And then, I have developed some sort of facination with SACD now, so out goes the Pioneer Elite PD-65 and in comes the Sony DVP-S9000ES. Oh, and that system did not include an analog playback system back then either (wasn't into analog back then like I am now) But nonetheless though, this was a $10,000.00 system back in 1997, and now, I know I can assemble it for under $5,000.00. So then with that said, that wasn't so hard, was it Sal (LOL)?????


If you want me to do a home theater system for that same $5K, then I can do that too. And here's what that will look like too.

Speaker Package: Snell Acoustics K.5 Mk II -- $2,000.00 (used).

Audio/Video Receiver: Denon AVR-3802 -- $650.00 (used).

Television/Monitor: Panasonic PT-47WX49 HD RPTV (16:9 47") -- $2,000.00 (new).

DVD Player: Pioneer Elite DV-37 -- Free (used....... I will use my existing player).

Interconnects and Component Video Cables: Monster Cable Video 2 -- Free (used....... use the ones I already have).

Speaker Cables: Monster Cable "M" Series -- $600.00 (new).

Power Conditioning: Monster Cable HTS1000 -- Free (used...... again, I am going to use the one I already own).

Okay Sal....... you didn't get me at all on the audio system, but I believe you got me on the home theater this time around (I'm about $200.00 over budget), so with that said then, think you can spot me $200.00 (LOL...... And begging forgiveness)????