Best system to be done for $4500-5000.

I have been lurking here for a while but am finally about to move into a new house and want a new system. I have searched the archives and current posts and the following is where I am stuck. The room in question is 20 x 15.5, with a 10-foot high ceiling. I want to build a very nice sounding 2-channel system that is 5.1 capable and phono capable. In other words, I am going to spend the money now on 2-channel for digital music, but want to be able to just buy center, effects, sub, and turntable at a later time when I save up money again. I will most likely use the system 80% music/20% HT.
I have gone to the few hi-fi shops in my area and auditioned what is available here, but I think my money could be more wisely spent on used gear on Audiogon. I did enjoy an Arcam system driving Linn speakers, and also a pair of B&W 703s driven by a Denon (these are with my virgin, untrained ears). However, without being able to audition a lot of pieces in my area, I need advice to achieve the synergy that is needed to help me get to audio nirvana. The music I enjoy are live recordings made off soundboards and mics at concerts, Jazz, Rock, and Classical. I will be incorporating a Tascam DA-20 mkII DAT deck for my live recordings and possibly a Denon 3803 for future HT (I am not opposed to selling this if in my best interest.)
From the reading and research I have done with the little auditioning I have done, pieces that I am interested in are as follows:

1.Integrated amp and Receiver (both - what else should I consider?)
a.Integrated amp – Musical Fidelity A3.2 (Aux 2 provides direct amp input for HT bypass) and also has phono - used ~$1100.00
b. Receiver ( for future HT use ) - Denon 3803 great for movies and will be bypassed for 2-channel stereo with MF – I currently own.
2. CD Player ( one of these )
a. Jolida JD-100A used ~$750.00 (may modify)
b. Music Hall CD-25 used ~$375.00 (may modify)
c. Rega Planet original/2000/Jupiter. Used~ $325/575/1350
3. Speakers (one pair of these)
a. B&W 703
b. Von Schweikert Audio vr2 used~$1750
c. Linn Ninka
d. Revel Performa F-30 used ~ $2200.00
e. Magnepan MG-1.5qr/1.6qr used ~ $600/1100
f. GMA Europas ~ $880
g. Vandersteen 2ce/3/3a – used ~ $1100/1500/2200

Any money left over will be used for cables, interconnects, line conditioner, and other things I have read but know nothing about. I appreciate any and all comments, and am open to any suggestions. I guess I just want to get a feel if I am on the right track, or should I consider a different way to get great sounding 2-channel with HT upgradability.
Thanks - tig
If you buy the B&W's, try AudioQuest speaker cables. They really perform at their best bi-wired. If you buy the Revels, MIT Shotguns or Transparent are a great match. I own the Revel Ultima Studios and I use MIT 750 Magnums. Really a good match but too expensive at your price point. The Vandersteens are a good choice as well, but you should try to find a pair of Vandy Signatures. They are wired with silver throughout and I have heard both and it makes a significant difference with very little difference in the cost. Forget the receiver! There's nothing to listen to on FM anyway. Get yourself a good integrated with at about 100 w/ch. If you get less power than that, you may want to upgrade your speakers in the next couple of years and may have a power limitation. I don't have a recommendation for the integrated. I don't know the Musical Fid. product. I would recommend the Mark Levinson integrated if you can find on Audiogon, but I think it will be beyond your budget but really worth the stretch if you could do it. For the CD, just make sure it has upsampling to 96K if not 192K. This makes an extroadinary difference in performance. I am not a fan of tubed cd players in general. Be careful with that one since they are often lacking in detail.
Considering your intentions, I suspect that the MF integrated might be a good option since it has the bypass you mentioned. Many people intend to get in to (or back in to) hi-fi because of home theatre, and unless you really are a movie buff, you might find that you just enjoy the music far more. Therefore, this is a fine amp and comes with expandability just in case. It is also popular enough (especially at starter levels) that you could sell and upgrade later. Just an opinion...
Elinor and Gabbro, I really appreciate the input. Based on the responses, I do think an integrated amp is the way to go. I checked out the Mark Levinson and I do think it would be out of my price range (nice amp though!). Unless there is a surround sound processor with 5 channel amplification for around $700 to 800 (what I can get for the Denon) I think I may have to stay with the receiver until I decide if I want to start putting my money in HT. Right now I am just concerned with 2-channel. I will search the archives for any more integrated amps with HT bypass or if any one has suggestions besides the Musical Fidelity A3.2, please let me know. Thanks for the cable/speaker combo recommendations, since I am very inexperienced when it comes to cables, interconnects, etc. (or hi-fi for that matter). Thanks!
I would really consider looking into the Plinius Integrateds... I'm using a 8200mk1 with no regrets as of yet...

If you like the sound of Arcam (I do, too), check out their integrateds. Several models, including the FMJ A22 that I bought for my office system, come in a 2-channel flavor, but allow you to add a multi-channel module (DAVE)at a later point in time (you will need to add a 3-channel amp at this time, too). This allows you to have all of your funds now apply to great 2-channel sound, and still preserve the multi-channel option later. The FMJ A22 is really a very nice unit, with 100 wpc into 8 ohm and peak current of >20A.

I also agree that you should avoid the receiver route. You can add a separate tuner, if you like. I have the Arcam FMJ T21, though Jolida makes a nice one as well. As for a CD player, if you go Arcam, I'd recommend the FMJ CD23T, which sells for about $1,200 used, and is a steal at that price. New, the Rotel 1072 seems to be making waves, though an Underwood modified Jolida would seem like a nice option as well. As for speakers, you really need to listen to as many as you can (ideally, with the rest of the gear that you will be picking up). In your price range, though, I personally like Thiel, ProAc, and Totem.

Good luck!
Check out my system. I have recently downgraded the cost by 40%. Most of this was bought new/demo. The whole shot is under $4.5k including cables, PCs and Porter Ports. Cables are so subjective, I'll leave that up to you (although I love VH Audio), but I love my 3 main components: Stingray/JD100/Europas. Is this the best that one can do? I doubt it, but I can listen all day to this setup. Audition if you can, I did and in my room, some of these components out did others costing much more. Good luck.
Find a Threshold "T" series amp, a Audio Research preamp, and some Spendor speakers.
You'll be happy for a long time.
Audio by Van Alstine, the best there is for the money. Five thousand dollars will be the best investment you could make. You will never have to upgrade, your system will sound better than anyone's for a fraction of the $$.