Best system for opera lover at $30,000

One of my friends asked me to recommend a system for her new house. She and her husband are opera lovers. Also love jazz and othe classical music. Her budget is $30,000, and do not decide to buy new items or used ones. My suggestion is Thiel CS6 + Mark Levinson 380 and 333 + Wadia 860. Please give me your advice.
Go back and read who started the "psychology" aspect.
So?? What happened Fusilli?? What did you decide to buy or what approach have you decided to take with respect to your friend's system??
How about Soundlab Millenium Ones for the main speakers, Wolcott Presence Amplifier, Thor TA-1000 Pre amp. Magnan cable, Sony SACD as both player and DAC. I believe you may find this a very VERY nice way to go. Good luck and please post a follow up with what it is you do get!