Best system for opera lover at $30,000

One of my friends asked me to recommend a system for her new house. She and her husband are opera lovers. Also love jazz and othe classical music. Her budget is $30,000, and do not decide to buy new items or used ones. My suggestion is Thiel CS6 + Mark Levinson 380 and 333 + Wadia 860. Please give me your advice.
Fielden, thanks for the correction. This is a good example of the the quality of the advice I got from the dealer. I was quite specific about my music listening needs and the only Sonus Faber he said I should consider was the Amati. If I was cynical perhaps price had something to do with it. I'll have to check out the Extrema. BTW with sound treatment and using the Sigtech DSP, my measured in room response for my Dunlavy V's is down 2db at 20 with a sub sonic cut at 16 which is only of practical use if you own about a hundred organ recordings (which I do)
Yes, Dunlavy V's should do it! DOH! Well, the Extrema is no longer in production. I bought the last new pair in existence in June of '98. Stirling Trayle shipped 'em straight to my door. I sure wish I had kept them, but it was just one of those things. There is actually a pair for sale on for $4700 with stands and including shipping. Looks like a good deal. I found them while searching Mark Levinson, but I'm sure Sonus Faber would do it too. You might check it out. Later, Fielden.
For Plsl: Wouldn't doubt the psychoacoustic factor. Also the purely psychological factor. She listens to the people making the music, not just the sound waves coming out. She will wince in sympathy when she hears someone clam a note. "Oh, they couldn't have been happy with that attack." Heard some Classic Audio Repro horns over at the AtmaSphere shop. UNREAL imaging and sense of space. Would love a pair for classical. UNREAL-ER size; 300 pounds plus apiece. The SoundLabs aren't in-your-face that way. But they let you hear INTO each section. You get a very real sense that there are, for instance, 4 violas in the section rather than hearing a lump of viola sound. She loves analog. We just got a used RPM and a Nitty-Gritty. One of the first things she ever said to me about audio was that "records are the only things that get strings right." I knew I was in love when she came over on the first day I had AtmaSphere amps hooked up. She stopped dead in the hallway before even seeing them and said "Nice sound." We have spent quite a few evenings at the local used LP dive followed by some serious listening. How did this turn from a gear-lust thread into a psychology thread?
So?? What happened Fusilli?? What did you decide to buy or what approach have you decided to take with respect to your friend's system??