Best system for opera lover at $30,000

One of my friends asked me to recommend a system for her new house. She and her husband are opera lovers. Also love jazz and othe classical music. Her budget is $30,000, and do not decide to buy new items or used ones. My suggestion is Thiel CS6 + Mark Levinson 380 and 333 + Wadia 860. Please give me your advice.

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Depends on if they just want to play at this, or have a dedicated listening room (i.e., the system isn't in service to the decor, but the other way around). I wouldn't blow that kind of money without a dedicated listening room, and nobody should. If they can dedicate a room, my suggestion is first to read "The Complete Guide to Highend Audio". If they must have a system NOW, I'd say stick with used gear, gotten from reputable individuals and dealers right here on Audiogon, and also Audioweb. Here's my system suggestion, all of it USED: (This assumes they only listen to CD's) ASC tube traps and Frescoes, upper level MIT and Shunyata cabling, Krell FPB 200 power amp, Resolution Audio CD50 CD player (drives the amp directly), Genesis 200 speaker system, and whatever sturdy component rack looks nice to them. THAT SHOULD COME IN UNDER $30,000, if they shop hard enough. I do own and enjoy several of these components.
I wholeheartedly agree with Fieldman. Whether or not "Snoopdog" is actually the Snoopdog of rap that we might have heard of, I must take issue with him. Regarding vinyl, read my arguments in the thread "CD-vs.-SACD-LP-vs.-DVD". Yes, I love vinyl, and my turntable's platter weighs more than your house, and is made from extra terrestrial technology, using a micro sized black hole suspended in a stasis field around the spindle, for mass loading! The gravity well is murder on the antiskate, though! As for me, I'm happy with my CD player (mostly because it's better than any you've had!), and as long as I don't listen to both formats in the same night, I'm content. You can't possibly expect someone brand new to the highend to become an avid vinyl enthusiast from the getgo, over night. Many out there just aren't suited for the kind of attention to detail and rabid enthusiasm required. It would be like getting a 4 foot tall young woman to loose her virginity to a sasquatch!!!!! I just want to give a shout out to all my homies out da bomb, see ya later. Gots to go turn some of my bitches out...gots to make some mo cash, to purchase some mo solid silver 400 amp power transformers for my estates....
I didn't realize this was life-philosophy corner. You guys need to calm down some. I...I've never been as much of a blowhard as I've seen on this thread, and that's saying a lot! Seems like all this isn't "about the music" anymore, it's just whatever you say it's about. Anyway, I don't doubt my ears, I still like SPHL, yes you can't have blind faith in reviewers (or strangers in an internet forum), but was any of that what Fusilli asked?
The sound in the pit is vastly different from the sound the audience gets, or the sound of most recordings. It's good that you let your wife approve your system though, at least if she's going to be listening to it as much as you are. It's only fair.
Go back and read who started the "psychology" aspect.