Best system for B&W Nautilus 802 ?

Looking to match the best system for A new B&W 802. I am considering Krell 200c, krc3 and CD or Mark Levinson 334, 37 and CD.ANY GOOD ADVISE OR DIRECTIONS?
Totally avoid the Krells. B&W and Krell is a match made in hell! At this price range you should also look at the Lamm 1.1 and L1 combiantion. The best electronics in the world.
I am currently running my B&W 802 MkII's (not nautilus) with a Bryston BP-25 (beautiful sound) and Aragon 8008BB (plenty of guts to drive those somewhat lazy speakers). I never did like the brittle Krell sound.
No! for krell (crapolla), but Jeff Rowland 8Ti with your 802N that's magic for sure....enjoy it
If you are considering the Levinson 334 do yourself a favor and go listen to the new Jeff Rowland Model 10. It is a 150 watt amplifier that sounds and looks gorgeous.
without a doubt get a Tact Mellennium mkII, I have the 801's and use the millenium and they sound great together. I heard the 802's at Lyric in NY hooked up to a full Levinson system in a big room and it sounded pretty good but nothing to write home about. I then heard the 802's hooked up to the TacT at Stereo Exchange in a small dinky room and it blew away the levinson/802 combo. enough said.
I am currenttly using all Classe eletronics with the Nautilus 802s and really like the sound. The Classe CA-301 ampliphier does a great job and the "Classe Sound" has works wonderfully with these very analytical speakers.
I'd use something bigger than the 334 maybe the 335 with a tube pre. I'd also look at the Hales instead of B&W.
...what i read was that N 802 was excelent with ML 334's It is alot of money you should audition...anyway. ...luck
The FPB200c sounds sweet with N805. It is matched with an ARC LS25. Let your ears decide. Good luck.