Best synergy mid-fi system for under $2000 used...

I constantly looking for the best sounds at affordable prices - for my 2nd system for the gym or bathroom, and for my friends and students.

What is the best mid-fi system you can put together for under $2000 used, that has good sysnergy?

The synergy aspect hit me in the face in a dramatic way a few days ago, when I tried a different setup. I was going to sell some gears - not liking their sounds, but I tried this combo and it sings in liquid and transparent audiophile sound that is heaven!

That encouraged me to continue to look for affordable pleasures in this hobby, so I can share it with my loved ones, and enjoy it in every corner of my home...
The best system I've heard for $2000 was:

Totem Arro speakers
Jolida 302b integrated amp
Music Hall CD-25 CD player

All components worked beautifully with one another, and the imaging was like no other that I've heard (and I've heard systems at several multiples of that price). In fact, I acquired all of those items, and still have two of them (the 302b and the CD player) after all these years.

If you have a relatively small room, especially for the 2nd system, this is a combination that works.